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ideas that are integrative, revolutionary & that stimulate changes that evolve and release the limitations & suppressions which pervade society
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entertainment 'seems' 'fun' - yet is it?

    ura soul

    many of us have lived lives involved in what we have collectively called 'the entertainment industries'. on the surface, these seem like a 'fun' way to live.. surely more fun than working in a bank or on a farm? quite possibly that is true for many.

    i am not advocating working on a farm or in a bank; i am pointing to the way that 'success' in 'entertainment' relies upon others 'liking' you. if you do not know that you MUST love yourself first and continuously, you may be inspiring great self hatred without realising you are doing it.

    there is no gold disc, no statue or number in a bank account that will make up for a life of self hatred... and self hatred is what you are doing every time you wish you had been the one to be 'the most loved' (by others - as measured through arbitrary financial or other methods).

    entertainment implies the presence of boredom. boredom implies the presence of disempowerment. disempowerment needs to be healed and reversed, not avoided with another TV show or computer game that attempts to simulate what life might be like if you had some power.

    choosing to 'perform' and 'project' means you are not being who you truly are. when you are not who you truly are, you are denying truth and are out of balance and out of harmony with your own energy. this destabilises you and you attract yourself to situations where you are taken advantage of - hence the massive amount of denial, addictions, tragedy and overpowering present in the various 'entertainment industries'. if you are choosing to be an 'entertainer' you also need to entertain the truth that there are those who like to be entertained in heartless ways and will use you like a toy if you allow them to. part of such abuse is using you to find out how you can be most thoroughly overpowered; so resistance may increase the manipulation. only returning to truth inside of you will begin the path of unity and healing for you - which means ending projection and following scripts and pretending to be 'not you'.