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when love is not present in us, we cause ever more suffering

    ura soul

    when parents create children there is much that needs to be considered and allowed to evolve WITHIN the parents to ensure love is sufficiently present for children to be happy, successfull and loving of themselves.

    if the parents do not completely accept themselves, then feelings of undesirability are passed on to the children in the womb; the children are disowned effectively by the mother and the mother may wish to deny this herself in favour of a false loving image for many different reasons; from pressure of desire for social acceptance, through to the continuance of denial of her own emotions in general. there may also be a denial of the true feelings from the spirit who is incarnating as the child, so the non-acceptance can multiply, creating an expansion of denial (which is not really expansion, but is actually death (non vibration of self and emotions)).

    when babies cry and are soothed by the warmth of being held by a loving mother or relative being of some other connection, it is the body and will that are needing acceptance - the acceptance of vibration of the will, feelings and body of the soul of the baby - acceptance for its very existence on earth. the more we accept our own existence and energies, vibration and body in our form, the less reliant we are on others and the less we will cry and happier we will be.

    there are many who are not yet willing to accept truth that has not been 'peer reviewed' or 'scientifically proven' - these are beings who are operating from denial and who will never know the truth until they end that denial and feel their true feelings that actually hold the truth that is only known experientially and may not be the same for others, thus cannot truly ever be scientifically measured and used as a 'standard' - such creation of standards simply denies evolution and allowance of differentiation as being desirable. the root of all such desires to document and compare are, again, non self acceptance; you will need to feel this in yourself to know whether this is truth.

    after aeons of parenting without these essential intentions for balance and healing being present in the consciousness of the ones on earth, children are born into complicated energies which most people claim do not exist, yet the children sense anyway. the truth is that without the collective intention to heal this, many will not be able to remain on earth who would want to if they knew they could.