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the false promise/premise of money and the confusion of what true power is

    ura soul
    the false promise/premise of money and the confusion of what true power is

    often, when the concept of 'power' arises among humans, the association of 'money' and/or 'electricity'/'fuel', comes to focus. people have associated these together, not because money truly is power, but because they have not known how to regain true power and have wanted to avoid what was actually needing to be done to rebalance and heal. 

    rather than acknowledge their own true magnificence, we have settled for a delusiory 'facade' 'false front' version of what we are and attempted to use beautification of form by way of 'expensive clothing' etc. to attempt to make up for the loss of true power. the power of 'money' is one that relies upon conformity and thus a stifling of evolution; an advancing society is empowered enough to not use money at all. so while we live in frustrating times for many, seeing that so many seemingly have so little and so few have so vast amounts of money.. and while they attempt to buff up their self 'worth' by repeating the same patterns over and over while perhaps blaming those with less for 'not being as clever as we are'.. we need to realise that earning money is the false reality and is only representing any kind of power at all because of unconsciousness. 

    this is a dangerous reality to experience, since that implies that those with false power need to increase unconsciousness to maintain the delusionary false power. and those truly wishing life and continued existence, must, decrease unconsciousness and increase consciousness. every step taken to do something that attracts money, that is not an action you would do anyway, with or without the money, is an action that manifests delusion. that in itself is not wrong, since we need to recognise what is and what is not delusion; however, if we do not intend to end denial and delusion and truly awaken, we risk forever existing in ever greater delusion, while those around us who are awake gradually lose the ability to assist us.

    so while we live in huge mansions now; the future is actually bleak for us, unless we awaken to truth, love and who we really are and how we really can be.

    keep vibrating.