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some effects of the presence of denial in our energy

    ura soul

    energy and vibration is constant inside of us. we have the capacity to make associations and meanings of what particular feelings and vibrations are. often we mis attribute feelings and thoughts to having causes that in truth they do not have.

    the thoughtfoms/phrases 'feeling like' / 'i feel like ... doing x,y,z' are some that are created through this associative process.

    where we are allowing our mind to run us, we may mistakenly associate associations of feelings of past experiences with our true desire, this is where the phrase 'i feel like' comes up in response to our internal questioning of what we desire to do now/next. this is a two step associative process, we associate feelings we have felt and associated in the past with 'what we feel a desire to do now' .

    in other words; you ask you the question 'what shall i do now?', you feel your feelings and you think 'i feel like dancing'. and now you dance.. in the process of dancing you may or may not encounter what you truly feel to be doing now. what has occurred, often, is that you have a feeling and energy within you which is similar to that which has been experienced while dancing and perhaps an unresolved desire buried from when you previously were dancing and it is that desire that you seek to resolve and heal the emotions of.. yet without that intention, repeated behaviour patterns develop where the issue is ignored over and over and what we have called 'addictions' develop in us. always there is a need to love us more, yet so often this is denied in favour of a ritual or routine of avoidance.

    e.g. 'i feel like abusing someone' - when questioned, this could easily be translated in the mind of someone who is not intending to love their feelings/will and all of themselves, to be 'the fault of the feelings' - 'my feelings are wrong/bad'. however, the truth is more likely to be that the feelings are perhaps 'rage','depression','pain' and there are thoughtforms and unresolved grudges associated internally, which, due to mental rules such as 'if i can't get it, then no-one will', 'if they hurt me, i will hurt them', 'i need revenge', and due to the rules being denied and judged against as 'bad' also (i shouldn't admit to these rules), the full detail of the energy in self is obscured and we simply reference 'i feel like (i did when i was last) abusing someone' - 'i feel i need a release from this abusive current in me'. without having the full presence of self in all of us, we miss the detail of what is occurring and make choices that do not serve us or others.

    unfortunately, since this is prevalent among so many people, including those who choose the roles of societies 'protectors', such as police and other agencies, these dysfunctional patterns become ever more reinforced by each individual and cannot change until we truly acknowledge this in ourselves and evolve to be more compassionate and loving instead of responding with engrained 'knee-jerk' responses born of confusion and not knowing ourselves well enough.