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death is not innevitable

    ura soul

    if your thoughts create reality, to any extent at all, they MUST include openness to alternate awareness and understandings; where those thoughts are limiting in nature. the 'assumption' that all must die, actually has a part in creating the reality that so many die. does that seem silly? now enquire in every way you can, most deeply, as to whether or not that idea is impossible.. you will likely discover that what is in opposition to that concept being true is other concepts. 

    every concept you are empowering is a facet of the crystalised reality that you are experiencing and you only need change the concepts to change the experience. total awareness of every stance and viewpoint is needed to ensure that you do not jump to a conlusion that this does not work or is flawed in some way, there can be millions of concepts held within you, persistance is needed, a maintained intent to evolve, heal and be free.