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causes of 'hearing voices' and the true nature of demons

    ura soul
    causes of 'hearing voices' and the true nature of demons

    the causes of the vast majority of our troubles involve some type of denial. denial can happen in many ways, including denying our true emotions their complete expression (often labelled as 'bottling up feelings'). choosing and creating habits and patterns and thought-forms which include denials will result in us not being 100% conscious, we will experience internal events and not be fully connected to their causes. an example of a denial might be identified by recognising that you are thinking 'i am not scared' when in truth you are feeling fear and are attempting to suppress/deny/hide the fear for your own reasons. this type of patterning can be at the root of many imbalances and dysfunctions, including 'hearing voices', yet each case is unique and causes can be simple or complex. the general theme is denial and not taking responsibility for something that is ours. a specific aspect of this mis-alignment of self is that our heart literally becomes separated from the rest of our consciousness and is bypassed, such that we do not allow the heart to be directly involved with our thoughts and intentions. this loss of heart is a loss of soul and a type of disassociation from spirit and the full you that you are in truth.

    a more detailed example of one of the possible processes of causing the symptom of hearing voices is as follows:

    1. as the being grows and evolves, choices are made to deny or block some feelings and allow others. often this is done without wanting to be honest with self that you are doing this (often because of an attachment to a preference to be seen to be powerful and not accept that you truly feel fear or anger).
    2. the denial of feelings also causes memory to be disconnected from the conscious (aware) self and as the memory functions begin to fade, fear may increase and so too may denial increase. the denying consciousness impairs the rest of the being from balancing and functioning successfully.
    3. the being concludes that: 'for unknown reasons' or perhaps for some other fictitious reason (such as 'i am ageing; we all lose our memory as we age'), that their memory is 'not so good now'.
    4. the decision is made to attempt to fix the problem by creating mental programs designed to improve the memory (without addressing the root cause).
    5. through an internal expression of intent/desire, they create a 'helper' mental 'function' that is triggered when they desire to remember something they label as important - an associated emotional charge will be likely to be present. the result of the function or 'self created implant' may be designed to take the form of their inner voice speaking to them directly through inner dialogue in the 1st person, such as 'you need to get some fresh fruit'. occasionally you may have heard some beings saying such sentences aloud 'to themselves' - the words are from them and are directed to them.
    6. due to whatever disconnections and denials are already present in the individual, the sequencing of internal energies is desynchronised: the feelings are out of sync with the mind and the heart is not balanced. perhaps other continued habit patterns exist, such as drug/alcohol use, tv watching or any other pattern of internal avoidance or energetic/emotional blocking. in other words, the flow of energy from desire/feeling/thoughts/expressions becomes more and more disharmonious as the 'solutions' to the problems are repeatedly used and the true causes of the symptoms go un-noticed. (if medicine is sought, symptoms are often addressed by medical systems that continue to support the denial and avoidance of the true causes; causing more challenges as finances are used to 'buy pills' and the truly desired life experiences are pushed further and further away from the lived experience of the imbalanced being - who, on this planet presently, is commonly artificially reliant on money).
    7. internal division has already occurred here, since the parts of self which are magnetic and feel what is really happening have been segregated internally from the light of conscious acceptance and the mind has been busy forming its own ideas about how to get away from the feelings and patch up the wounds and uncomfortable feelings while continuing to not really feel them and to thus deny itself the freedom that is desired.
    8. fragmentation occurs, where one aspect of the self is now at odds/ arguing with other parts; this presents the 'classic' symptoms of mental dis-ease seen in so many people labelled as 'insane' or 'schizophrenic' and given regimes of drugs which only generally serve to either bury the causes further or suppress the body's functions to prevent the symptoms showing so much.
    9. the 'forgetting' (caused by self denial) increases, and the origins and original intent to be of help to the self by 're-MINDING' the individual that "you need to ... x,y,z (get some fresh fruit)' now becomes an unexpected voice in the internal reality of the consciousness.
    10. the individual now appears to be hearing voices of other entities speaking internally, who are, in fact, him/her speaking to self, having forgotten the energetic channels and connections internally and the causes that have created the manifestation of the imbalanced/dysfunctional inner expressions.


    this continuation of denial and misunderstanding can be resolved with compassion, love and understanding and intent to heal and end denial. in this process you will realise how powerful you are and always have been. healing has to include the feelings unconditionally being expressed and self acceptance always being present. without this healing, the spiral continues into deeper depression, confusion and loss of balance.

    other routes to hearing inner voices do also exist; this is one i know of through experience of having made similar choices inside myself and seen how fragmentation can occur.

    in the example above, that of being reminded of needing to locate some fresh fruit; the 'voice' is not intimidating and the detail of it may be sufficient to remind the individual of why the voice is saying what it is saying as he/she recalls creating that thought-form when they desired some fruit. however, if the message is what some people have named 'demonic' in nature and says, for example, 'you need to kill yourself' or similar, there is scope for real harm occurring. however no harm can occur if the self knows to feel and connect in the heart to locate the origin of thoughts and to not respond to them 'on command' like a robot, as if there is no free will and 'all thoughts must be acted out'. here, the cause of the self-hatred needs to be located; in many cases the cause will be present due to prior suppression of emotional expressions that have arisen in life - which in itself is an unloving choice. self-hatred is the result of having denied self in such a heartless way, through the denial of our own feelings and emotions.

    you will be greatly assisted to know the truth of this by feeling here, rather than simply thinking about what is described.

    the word 'demon' is 'de-mon' -

    (de) = not

    (mon) = me/mine

    so demon = 'not mine'

    thus a demon is simply that which we have denied.. also called 'the shadow self' and is empowered by a mis-identifying of the cause of the voice as being outside of us. if we stop pushing away the voice and feel all that is present and stop resisting the details of the present moment we can allow awareness of what is actually happening.

    this is what is referred to when a 'homeless' man is seen swatting the air around him, defending from 'his demons'.

    mostly the ones labelled demons are the ones who have lived the most hellishness; they have been abused the most and suffered the most, thus are expressing the most damaged and dis-eased states.

    all illness has causes and can be healed if loving intent to heal is allowed.

    our own de-mons can also, often, involve us being changed into that which we are not. which is why there is an association between the idea of what society has identified as 'vices' and demons. for example, the so-called 'vices' of sex and drugs, when experienced in unbalanced/unbalancing/unloving ways and where denial is present, can/will result in our energies and personalities changing in ways which are not healthy and which we do not enjoy. we thus become 'not ourselves' - we become 'de-mons'. this does not mean that we have become 'part us/part something else', instead this shows that we are out of balance and are relying on habits and external stimulation in place of self acceptance. when the habits, addictions and perceptions of needing external 'things', 'materials' and stimulation are evolved through the self-evolutionary process that is right for the unique being that we ourselves are, habits and imbalance can end and we will no longer be experienced as this 'partially de-monic' version of ourselves.

    * update:  i am now more aware of the extent to which technology has a part to play in some of us 'hearing voices', since much hidden scientific research has focussed on technology that projects voices directly into the skull/body of humans, without being directly audible via sound waves that travel through air. i recommend watching this for more info: