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where we have 'got used to' we have 'been used'.

    ura soul

    'get used to it'

    'i've gotten used to it'.. 'that's never going to change'.

    these are ideas which reflect the disempowerment we need to heal and evolve.

    we have even 'gotten used to the disempowerment'.

    thinking closely about the phrase 'get used to it'. what does that equate to?

    get = become... change you in some way.

    used = change created through action and application of abilities... use a tool.. or use your will.. or your mind.

    to = direction -> movement -> motion -> pointing at an effect of a cause

    it = the subject of the statement/concept/command


    so essentially the phrase is 'change you, such that you are using your facets/will/mind/self/spirit/heart/body to co-create an aspect of a reality such that the aspect does not change'.. or in other words 'go along with whoever is saying the phrase and reinforce the idea that this aspect of life cannot change' 'use your energy to agree that this cannot change'.. we have one simple word for this too.. it is conform.

    what is conform? 

    limit.. give up.. disallow change/transformation.. suppress new thought.. say no to change.

    so what happens when we conform to use our intent and self to agree that change cannot happen.. when we 'get used to the disempowerment that has been created by getting used to other limitations?'.. 
    what happens is 'healthcare', 'death', 'wars', 'lack', 'disease', 'guilt', 'worry', 'confusion', 'habits', 'addictions', 'dysfunction', 'abuse', 'dimishment', 'denial', 'pain', 'loss', 'agony'.. and so on. we need to find where we have gotten used to what we do not like and no longer be used and no longer use our intent to maintain the intending of what we do not like to intend. 

    if we are feeling pain we must accept we are feeling pain and not deny the feeling. simultaneously we must also acknowledge the truth and the errors and evolve the thinking that supports and that 'is' the errors.. allow truth into the errors.

    my advice is to find where you have been used and choose to be free and not be used by external concepts any more, if you prefer not to be. the choice is ours.