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defining consciousness and self based on form is backwards

    ura soul

    when we look in a mirror, we may attempt to categorise us into a box.. made of labels... 'i am this type of person.. because i look this way'.. 'looking this way i can do this in society.. i will be accepted here, i will not be accepted here'. etc. 

    i can be a model. i look like a fighter. 

    these are major judgements that limit our ability to create our own reality. 


    because the form of the body comes from the consciousness, so if the consciousness starts to identify self as being a particular 'type' or 'person'(persona) based on the form, without realising the form is already a reflection of self and the choices made by self and being made by self, then the choices that could change the form are never chosen, the form becomes rigid and the rigidity of the form can further appear to reinforce the accuracy of the judgements about who we are and self identity. 

    so for evolution and in many cases 'physical' body healing, we must include a willingness to examine and release the limiting and restricting concepts we have agreed internally about who we are and what is possible for us.

    our form is us, it is created with our energy, that is true, however, we are fluid energy and for many of us, our apparently 'inherited from parents' appearance is more of an internal agreement to conform to 'be like them' to gain acceptance with them than it is an actual inheritance due to any kind of chemical/structural/genetic effect.

    the genes and the form are effects of causes and in turn can be said to also be causes of other effects.. it is a flow of self in life and form which we can choose and change with our desire to be different.

    with that, the realisation comes with allowance: 'i do not need to be anything like anyone to survive and thrive'.