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'common knowledge' and 'remembering facts' is not wisdom

    ura soul

    due in part to the limiting framework of ideas that we have been 'gifted' through our 'education' here at 'the earth experience', we often unconsciously attach our own sense of importance and self worth to how 'smart' we are, and model/measure that concept against how many 'true facts' we know.. often these ideas have been proclaimed by others and relied upon as truth, since from our vantage point (mentally) there is no challenging counter viewpoint to the idea and thus it appears to be absolute truth.

    however, very often, this is a false reality; we are relying on ideas as being im-movably true, when they are not. and often, due to our own emotional injuries, we ridicule those who differ in thinking. the ridicule can range from insults that are designed to some extent to try to make us 'feel better/wiser', through to actual bodily attacks and violence - especially where ideas have been given 'religious' status and are associated with life/death creating events.

    we may have an image of us or of other people as being very 'intelligent'.. this is not wrong. however, there is a vast difference between intelligence and wisdom. wisdom actually has the right answers, which therefor can be defined as 'intelligence that is using truth'; the alternative is simply intelligence that does not have the full truth present for whatever reason. confusion arises due to the way we measure success and trustworthyness on 'intelligence', without noticing that wisdom is needed and also loving intent, since without these, intelligence can be tyrannical and far from the wisdom that is needed. you can trust intelligence to be creative, yet not necessarily helpful or accurate.

    without loving intent and thus wisdom; intelligence can become its own downfall and enemy, since errors are believed as truth, then can rest within the heart and entire lifetimes and societies are formed around the errors.. as we have seen very often and still do on earth in the areas dominated by unloving dictators.

    if we end the habit of diminshing our own wisdom in favour of the images of 'superior intelligence' presented by placing letters after our names and our claims of 'achievement' given by established schooling systems (operated by those of us who also have attached to error and do not as yet have intent to heal the emotional injuries that need to heal for their innerstanding / knowledge to be balance enough to be true wisdom)... if we can end that habit, we can evolve to balance.

    regardless of the circumstances, you have great wisdom available to aid you; know this.. and know that you are loved.