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the delusion of healthcare systems

    ura soul

    often we hear ideas such as 'country x has the best healthcare system in the world and other countries should look to them for advice'. unfortunately, this viewpoint does not include understanding of what healing actually is. healing is an internal transformation, which does not require the assistance of others. others may assist us to heal, yet that is only because we are already so imbalanced that we are not healing ourselves already.

    so true healing is that which does not have a healthcare system, only health. so to suggest that a healthcare system that is statistically the most effective at healing is a 'great system' is still missing the truth of what is occurring. every time we rely on others to heal us we are stepping away from learning and knowing what we need to know to empower ourselves to heal ourselves and the more we do that, the more we are setting ourselves up for future illness and even death.

    the viewpoint that says doctors are 'great' because of their assistance in healing and the viewpoint that says looking after yourself is 'selfish' are both dangerously flawed. our conditioned binary thought patterns which promote such polarised thinking that, for example, 'opposites are required and if one apparent opposite is not true then the other must be true' is what is creating denial here and are to some extent what is responsible for the unpleasantness that is being projected by the ones doing so.