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slavery today

slavery is the overpowering of an aspect of self by unloving consciousness. common targets of overpowering that unlovingness chooses to dominate include 'the free will of beings', 'the free evolution of the mind' & 'the needs and desires of the body'. all recognised forms of slavery include these types of domination in one way or another.
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drones are heartlessness manifest in form - sainsburys, slavery and bees

    ura soul
    drones are heartlessness manifest in form - sainsburys, slavery and bees

    what is a drone?

    drone - an entity that performs functions deemed too lowly or undesirable for those who direct them. in that sense, the perfect drone is an entity that does not contain capacity to think or feel, that instead follows orders irrespective of outcome.


    as can be seen in the above video, drones are being used as ways to escalate conflict and to enact violence that most humans would not be involved in due to their own heart stopping them. the heart will, when not suppressed, feel opposition to such heartlessness, this is part of why military groups attempt to train members not to feel, claiming that 'choosing not to feel is how you will survive in battle'; whereas, in fact, the opposite is true - since feeling is a requirement of balance and cognition. the ones claiming that numbness is a survival requirement are commonly holding beliefs that some feelings cannot be both felt and survived - rather than be honest and reconsider their beliefs, they are unconsciously acting out the beliefs with regularly fatal results. denial is also the root of why 'government drones' make such statements as "we must use our own capabilities to overpower the actions of the ones who have shown their illegitimacy by attacking their own people" without noticing that all attacks of one against another is an attack of 'our own people' because we are all one people. the false boundaries of nations and the willful ignoring of the fact that such boundaries mostly serve no helpful purpose beyond division is a cause for concern in itself.

    here is an interview done by news source RT, with a whistle-blower from the us drone program where he reveals the lack of awareness and consciousness that is involved:


    what other forms of drones exist on earth?

    other appearances of drones on the planet are among communities of bees. the structure is often identified there as 'queen', 'male drone' and 'female worker'. the drones 'service' the queen and the workers do everything else. 

    some humans have noticed a similarity between the bee structure and some human structures that have evolved. in the area labeled 'uk' (noting that 'uk' is the reverse of 'ku' which is an ancient word for soul), the queen is seen to be head of a hierarchy of others who 'work for the crown'; among these are those labeled as 'lords' and these are often the ones who front the hierarchy of various corporations such as large shops and other industrial activities.

    what is shared by all of these uses of drones?

    heartlessness and a lack of love and freedom.

    the supermarket 'sainsburys' operates a 'nectar card' 'rewards scheme' where shoppers access discounts when they use the card. why is it called a nectar card?

    bees collect nectar from flowers, so there is a surface connection being made between humans being the bees (workers) and sainsburys being 'the flower of nature that gives what is needed' (for a price). 


    what do you see in the above image?
    humans with food? or worker bees with pollen sacks?


    one of the ways that we have been controlled is when as children we are altered by the use of refined sugar. we offer children prizes of sugary 'treats' for 'being good' and take them away for 'being bad'. this is the foundation of many adults' sugar addictions as they struggle with bi-polar emotions which have been informed that they are good and/or bad for desiring a particular taste or blood chemistry. connecting this sugar addiction in with choices as to which shop to use and 'how we get our food' is just another tool in the mind control agenda that will always use whatever patterns are already present in the culture and twist them further to advance the agenda of those who desire to control.

    poster advertising containing subliminal programming

    the image on the right side here, is for a poster that is positioned to the side of a pedestrian escalator that enters a large central london sainsburys; via a starbucks.

    'eat candy', 'live for sugar'.. then starbucks and then sainsburys.

    you are being manipulated and suppressed subliminally in many, many ways. please awaken your heart and remember to love yourself enough to desire freedom and not hide from the corporate oppression masquerading as 'a service'. the directing of drones to kill innocents is not separate from the directing of your children to become corporate drones, indeed, the same entities are involved with the causation of both corporate agendas and genocide.

    UPDATE: this is apparently what occurs if you let the people in sainburys know something about the traps they are getting caught up in: