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few of the commonly held thoughtforms are loving, balanced and free from error.

    ura soul

    from the languages we speak, to the rules we attempt to conform to and the beliefs and thoughts we are attached to and habitually maintain; almost none of the thoughtforms on earth are loving, balanced or free of error.

    the confusion has been so great that layers upon layers of incorrect assumptions have been taken en masse to be truth, taught to others and adopted as fact, when they never were more than partial truths as seen from the viewpoint of the ones involved. 

    in some cases this has been done to deliberately mislead and in many more cases it has been done without fully comprehending what was being done. 

    amongst all this are many intents designed to protect us, such as 'the intent to not admit to mistakes' (which is denial and is often also denial of denial). this has added much more confusion to the energetic creations of matter and consciousness, to the point where what once promised a marvellous spectacle of grace and ingenouity on earth, now has been seen for what it was seeded by, imbalanced & heartless energy. 

    our hearts have been so damaged by this, and thus all other facets of us, that we are almost to the point of not having a way to heal, since we need balance to increase balance and if no comprehension remains of what balance is and if there is no intent to rebalance then this will continue until total unconsciousness and total annihilation of the capacity to express will and thus of the will; thus the end of life.

    we can already see the way the earth has been trashed and abused as a result of these heartless patterns and the way the self appointed ones 'in charge' have enacted these intents. there is no value in blame, the justice needed is an internal increase in love and receptivity to honesty, compassion and evolution. a natural extension of this will be that the energy charges that power those 'in charge' will move or evolve.

    in rebalancing we discover that a huge array of intentions and beliefs that have been created and still held, both as 'traditions' and as 'science facts' are destined to push us further and further away from truth and must be allowed to be released and evolve if we are to survive at all. not only are these ideas heartless and thus fruitless, they direct us away from what is real and what will truly help. many of these ideas are the basis of religious beliefs, customs, corporate policies, school textbooks and parental guidance; which have often been little more than dogmas designed to avoid feelings that the ones involved have intent to deny. once the intent to deny is present, the choices made are rarely wise and very often highly dangerous, destructive and deluded; yet this may not become fully apperent until their effects have spread more widely into the life forms, minds and cultures that are present.