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concise tips on using cannabis and psychedelics when healing self

    ura soul
    concise tips on using cannabis and psychedelics when healing self

    for those that have never explored psychedelic chemicals and/or plant-life, the impressions gleaned from others (especially those twisted by media groups and scientific/government/military minds) can seem terrifying. tales of lost personalities and claims of 'mental disturbance' that last way beyond the initial experiences are often labelled as problems rather than opportunities. in some cases 'spiritual gurus' have further confused the situation by making such claims as 'the ego is false' and 'must be destroyed', thus making these experiences seem beneficial when they are not entirely beneficial in the way that is claimed.

    i desire here to add my own explorations to the 'record of human exploration' by beginning with the following ideas:

    1. 'ego' has been mis-represented and confused on earth. (there are so many definitions of ego that to attempt to explain the ego in full here, may detract from the inner journey of the reader's own realisations). presently i recognise ego as 'sense of self' / 'beingness'. i recognise 'personality' as 'what has been created during evolution and life'. so ego is being, while personality is more the result of doing & choosing.
    2. the ego is not bad.
    3. the ego does not need to be destroyed.
    4. the personality structures that we create in us are often created to contain lies, deception, denial (of truth, pain, emotion and other types); thus our ego is commonly imbalanced and dis-eased.
    5. those who attach to their personality as a defense or due to believing that their personality is 'who they are', rather than remaining conscious of their own true nature as 'originator' of the personality, are temporarily lost from truth and generate further errors, while presenting them as fact.
    6. those who are immersed in denial and confusion will fight long and hard to defend their positions while remaining (deliberately) ignorant to their own deceptions and 'intent to miss/deny truth'.
    7. those who are in denial of truth, may then deny that they are in denial of truth, adding massively to the potential layers of deception that can arise and be added 'into the pot' of consciousness and daily experience.
    8. many of those who sought to escape these traps became known as 'gurus' and became caught in further traps due to the way that existing belief systems had become embedded in the group 'un'-conscious and they sought 'refuge' in the hierarchic mindset, receiving gifts and admiration of others without fully realising their own liberation.
    9. much of the trauma and shock experiences after psychedelic journeys arise dues to realisation of deep truths and revealing of the extent of the denial of us and those around us (a rapid 'waking up') and is not a direct effect of the drugs. to the minds of those observing (who have not awakened to their own deceptions and subterfuge) these reflections of emotional honesty in a sea of dishonesty are often labelled as 'troubling' and 'too disturbing' and so projections are made that 'the drugs must be dangerous' when really the intent is to avoid the extent of our collective emotional dishonesty and also to deny that they are avoiding the dishonesty.
    10. drugs are actually not needed at all to heal and liberate ourselves, yet the creation of arbitrary rules (illegality) does not serve at all. we need to be free to express with or without these compounds, without threat of attacks (a tax).
    11. there is great love for all of us and most likely in all/most of us, that needs to be embodied for our successful awakening to truth, survival and joy. compassion, truth and love are what we seek; the drugs are merely signposts of a chemical nature, that can nudge us to think differently, they are powerless without us.
    12. to heal imbalances that arise post 'tripping' (and in any moment), we need to feel our body fully and heal any splits between the mind, body, soul and heart. these splits manifest as 'sub-consciousness' and are healed with total self acceptance replacing external projections and intents to deny or disconnect from parts/aspects of self.
    13. all stigmas about use of drugs and self must be released, they only serve to reinforce the idea that we are 'wrong'/'bad' and these damaging ideas are the real cause of much of the traumas.
    14. innocence is our natural state/condition. guilt is the result of blame, denial of true self/feelings, errors in logic and the resulting confusion.

     so with these ideas in mind and with a heart that is in communication with a living will that feels; the experiences of many who have been labeled as 'psychotic' after exploring with lsd (and/or others chemicals) can be seen to be results of unnecessary 'forcing' open aspects of self (creating a kind of 'psychic shock'), mixed with the revealing of issues which already existed with or without the chemical 'tools' being present. we are, after-all, living with vast numbers of groups and individuals on planet who have differing beliefs, errors, truths and intents; reaching agreements about what is functional and what is dysfunctional has so far not been common, even for the most important questions in life. therefore, our paranoia, phobias, unprocessed emotions and low levels of compassion and love provide massive potential for further triggering and abuses by those who maintain the belief/thought/behavior patterns that suppress and deny truths; often in the name of *insert establishment organisation, philosophy or religion here*.

    the path to healing and genuine loving enlightenment requires the recognition of the truth of the causality of suffering and the allowance for its ending and in that there must be the realisation of our errors and the injustices we ourselves have caused, believing we were 'righteous' and 'doing the right thing' - those who have suffered in prison cells or worse for simply ingesting plants or laboratory synthesized chemicals are among those to whom society owes a huge apology and i, for one, desire a rapid realisation of these truths by all. the stakes are much higher than almost anyone has yet realised.

    may we all know unconditional love and live truth.