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Entropy is the evil of destroying life in love

    Amuro Antoine Kazama (A2K)

    I've been knowing about Entropy, in the thought form, and the action.  It problesm is the the Entropic thoughts job is to strip you on any thought that is not of 'it's' own an dreplace it wiht the thought it has.  But the thing is this.  I've seen a lot of things happen whihc are detrimental, and courruptive in ways that show it's owm self destruction as well as the collective style of destruction(s) also.  Because of this I've grown to believe from a Chrsitian and spiritual perspective that this, being of thought or concept of energies of power has ways to enter through the mind to effect the brain and body in ways it may seem good but ultimately be ones destruction or dis-ease to others.

    So how does this resonate with you in mind.