the denied meaning of namaste

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    the denied meaning of namaste

    every word is an encoding of intent; intent has been denied and hidden, yet remains vibrationally encoded in manifest reality anyway. this means that despite the intentions to hide the truth, the truth cannot be hidden for ever and remains visible. this is the origin of the phrase 'for those with eyes to see and ears to hear' - not that some are 'special', but that some have blocked their eyes and ears to truth - sometimes deliberately (consciously) and sometimes not (unconsciously). the word namaste has become more commonly used in english speaking areas of the planet and is identified as having a recent 'past' in indian areas.

    vibrationally, 'namaste' is:


    Na = naaah.. (naaah is denial - as in 'naaah, i won't do that'.).

    + 'must stay'

    so.. this equates with 'denial must stay'.

    i am not just playing word games here.

    the more you deny your will and emotional expression, the more you are denying the truth of the present moment and of your own soul/destiny and existence. we only need to look at the stunted evolution of the ones involved in religions and other inflexible organisations to see the results of will denial; denial is such that those who are involved often have no ability or enough integrity left to honestly acknowledge the denial - this is denial of denial.

    the caste system in india is a reflection of denial. the denials there are extensive. the very notion that some are less than others 'by default' is incorrect and is a creation of denial. if we/they are to know truth, we must feel the truth. those involved in caste systems, when feeling true feelings and acknowledging that denial has been existing in their energy fields (feelds), would discover the pain and anger they feel at being denied their true divine nature. those who are agents of the status quo, those who unconsciously are powered by heartlessness and delusions are actively invested in encoding reality in such a way that this truth of divinity cannot be presented and recognised fully. these individuals often present themselves as especially 'holy' or 'divine' or 'inspired'; yet when they are felt, the truth is revealed to be quite different.

    namaste is translated as 'the divine in me recognises the divine in you'. this thus may also equate to 'parts of you and me are not divine and we are going to ignore them' - depending on the intent of the speaker. what is being denied and ignored is commonly our feelings (mostly) and thus our own soul. the 'spiritual' people who use this word are often of the mis-alignment that mistakenly has believed that some emotions are unholy and to be repressed. the self suppressing mental patterns are giving them an appearance of balance that is actually more like a buddha statue that cannot will and is not moving: fragile and perhaps even beautified, yet ultimately weak and of no actual advantage.


    i ask you to seek divine truth in every moment and not settle for slogans, trends, habits, rituals and empty intents presenting as enlightenment that SEEM to be 'better'/'positive'/'spiritual'/'holy' yet which when lived honestly show themselves to be nothing more than suppression in a shiny package.

    a passion to unconditionally feel and express all feelings and emotions is a required part of the way to wholeness and deathlessness.


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      • harmony

        After reading this I will Never say Namaste again ;)

        • ura soul
          ura soul

          i am glad you found this and value it - i have shown this to a few people and only those who read right use of will vibed with it so far.

          admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
          • SoulFish

            I like your take on this. I am somewhat of a logophile myself. I always held that, for me anyway, the translation is more like:

            I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.
            I honor the place in you of love, of hope, of peace.
            I honor the place in you where
            when you are in that place in you
            and I am in that place in me
            there is only one of us.

            Of course, I believe that the true meaning of Aloha has been denied as well, so I took the best part of both of those words and made my own word, Namaloha.

            Interpretation is as much of a choice as being off-put by the interpretations of others. I took Bucky's advice and created a new model, lol.