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love is more precious than that which can be traded

    ura soul

    when we believe we are not good enough (To get what we deserve and desire) - we are using our consciousness (often without realising) to deny the feminine emotions and will/desire that can truly (truly, truly can) draw to us what we need and desire.
    if we deny that we are not experiencing what we desire to be experiencing, we not only prevent change that is needed, but we also, more damagingly, deny the entire 'desire ability' that we have and can create with and through.

    this will have severe repercussions and is not something to take lightly or avoid.

    the more we believe we are unworthy, the more we create self loathing and suppressions. this will eventually need an outlet and if the energy does not come out in a denied form within the one who is denying (perhaps as fits of rage and violence unexpectedly by those who are around us), the resulting manifestation may be even more terrifying, since the energy takes on the subtle impression of that which it has received.. thus, anger that is denied can be 'loosed on the world' as denied anger and denied anger cannot be truly seen unless we end denial in ourselves. when we have no denial we can feel the true feelings. 

    the abuses and lies that children receive by injured adults can store up in the heart of the child and take on ever more dysfunctional appearances and patterns, until the desire to punish and abuse 'takes flight' - often as an adult, and often to family members such as wives/hudbands/children.

    a large amount of suppression can occur simply as a result of waiting for someone or something to change, where we tell ourselves that we will do 'x,y,z when this or that changes'.. and when that 'thing' doesn't change (such as 'my wife starts to cheer up'), we forget the original intention we were holding onto is still undercurrent within us. if the intention was a loving intention (such as 'i'll show more love when she is not so angry') then we have lost love that is denied in us. if the intention was agressive then we have denied aggression. both of these are equal to lost unconditional love and both require absolute unconditional self acceptance and expression of feelings to be recovered and for balance to return. no amount of holidays, new clothes or any items that can be traded can make up for this lost love, will and lost enlightenment. our concepts of value have been so warped by our own consciousness and heartlessness, we often forget the most obvious truth of what is necessary and of limitless value.

    emotional balance comes when emotions are expressed (are moving) - not through suppression that gives an appearance/impression of the imbalances as no longer existing. our tears are in icebergs beneath the surface of the seas of conscious awareness.