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words of wisdom about money and value

    ura soul
    words of wisdom about money and value

    as many have discovered, the 'money' system is almost entirely false. the value of any monetary system is only that which the spirits involved (you/me/we/us) give to it through intention and belief. despite this, day after day, so many of us live struggling to access more 'money' and even kill and are killed for it.

    if a group identifies themselves as government and claims the right to print money 'on behalf of' everyone else (ignoring whether or not the others actually desire that to occur) - then that group is acting without integrity and in legal terms 'ultra vires' - 'beyond the powers' that they actually have in truth; this is done by inferal, assumption and mostly through our collective denial of truth. claiming to own and/or have authority over money (money is actually a symbolic replacement for acts of (free) will) and projecting the idea that other beings/groups do not have greater power than this monetary system does - is a direct attempt to control and manipulate the freedom of life and an act of subtle and deliberate enslavement. this is the present state in many areas of the planet; groups claim that they and only they have the 'right' to print money and anyone else who does so must be placed in a cage for an arbitrary length of 'time'. these are not actions of wise, caring beings. these are the actions of heartless, damaged beings who would not be out of place in hell - indeed that is what these intentions have been creating.

    if a group claims that i 'owe them money' (debt) - such as a tax or supposed 'benefit' - perhaps due to an 'administrative error' where i was 'overpaid' in that system, the issue may be pushed into a 'court-room' setting. a court room is a corporation, trading for profit - not an independant adviser or intermediary. courts do (at least theoretically) function with truth (if this is the intent of those present with a strong enough will to ensure truth is allowed). thus, if my intent is freedom, truth and honesty i will ensure that the 'court' and any entity/being claiming that i am in debt to them will need to prove in court that what they claim to be true is actually true.

    to do that they will need to prove that money has an absolute value (and additionally a value that is greater than the value of the free will choice, freedom, spirit, body and soul of a living being), since without any inherent value there can be no loss or fraud, plus since it is choice/freedom/spirit/body/soul that produces all that IS of any value and these ARE free for all of us - the burden of proof here is technically impossible to be met.

    • most currency systems use 'promissory notes', that is to say that they are notes that represent 'promises' of some kind. the notes themselves are essentially valueless. so how can someone have been defrauded of nothing? the most that can be rightly claimed is that the alleged creditor has been defrauded of the pieces of paper themselves - and since the creditor is often also the government/bankers and their cronies who also claim that they and only they have the right to print the paper - these ones are also the source of the paper notes and therefore are the ones with capacity to best reimburse themselves.
    • the value that money may have is ascribed only through an act of will, which is a choice of each individuated spirit that is involved. therefore, if 90% of the population choose to give money value, that does not auto-magically mean that the other 10% are obliged to go along with the decision to create their reality that way. additionally, the choice to give value can change in any moment, so the percentage of supporters can change from 90% to 1% in no time at all, with no obligation to adhere to previously chosen/lived viewpoints and choices.
    • no one individual or 'legal entity' has more power to decide the destiny and fate of another than that individual does themselves; thus claiming 'you must go along with this because we're the government and we say so' will inevitably conclude (if pursued without denial or avoidance) with the observation that attempting to overpower another's free will and cause them to shut themselves down and move towards conformity is an attempt at direct enslavement; which itself is contra to accepted rules and omniversal laws of balance.

    so what does this mean for us here? this means that all debt is invalid and all those being 'punished' against their will for acts involving money are falsely imprisoned/punished by individuals who are either motivated by hatred or whose intelligence and knowledge has been so hindered that they are presently incompetent to be making decisions about very much at all, especially not about the freedom of other living beings.

    my wish is that all beings of earth that use money read and head these truths and allow the unfolding of free will to seed and yield a brighter, more free, honest, loving and happy environment for life to express through. the choosing is ours.

    the truth does set us free.. IF WE DON'T IGNORE THE TRUTH AND DO CREATE CHANGE.