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mind control, freedom, war and you! (con-spirit-or-real?)

    ura soul
    mind control, freedom, war and you! (con-spirit-or-real?)

    the idea of 'mind control' is not new, we control our minds or at least seek to control our own minds far various purposes, often constantly

    meditative states require the ending of self mind control, since peace is not found in being controlled.

    freedom does not require control, that is inherent to the very definition of freedom.

    free choice replaces control. however, mind control has also been used in various forms throughout the earth story to enslave, control and manipulate us, often in ways which are outside of our usual day to day awareness. during the mid 1900s it is acknowledged publicly that the american and other governments funded/supported far reaching programs that delved into mind control techniques and related research of various kinds. the following video gives a basic overview (really it just scratches the surface) of some of the illegal actions (by both judicial and ethical/humane measures) that have been used (and no doubt still are in many subtle and unpleasant ways.. in the media/TV/schools etc.).


    at the heart of these agendas lies what some people would call 'satanism', others 'evil', others 'ignorance' and others still, simple 'powermongery'. these are all true definitions and this backed up by vast amounts of evidence in the form of paperwork, interviews, videos and testimonies.

    however, it is important to remember that we are 'all one', so all of this is accurately described by the idea of 'the one spirit that exists, controlling itself'. so this is relevant to everyone in some way or other - as long as they rely on their mind at least.

    mind control in these militaristic forms often includes extreme forms of torture, both of the body, mind, spirit and any other facet of beingness that can be detected. the purpose being to implant behaviors, beliefs and unconscious habits into the individual such that they are willing to make choices that they would not otherwise make if they were fully consciously aware of all that is within them.

    these 'methodologies' have been inherent to military systems even before they were perhaps formally acknowledged as being forms of mind control. the idea that has been ingrained into many societies that 'men who are soldiers are honorable (more honorable than others)' is not only a lie but is one of the cornerstones of the basic militaristic mind control programs. one of the reasons why military training camps are often so totally de-humanising and abusive to those who are artificially designated as being 'on the same side' is that the mind controllers carefully define that 'a good soldier is one who follows orders' and intentionally play on insecurities and any conceivable area of uncertainty that may exist within a young human being's consciousness. the more the individual's free will is suppressed and the more their energy field contains self punishment choices and looping programming (imprints/impressions), the more they effectively 'give away' their free will and choice of creating the life they would no doubt prefer to create through nurture, love and support. often these beings are abused so much and dis-empowered so much that the first opportunity they get to express freely (whether during home leave or in combat) results in huge amounts of suppressed terror, anger, rage, hate and so on being expressed violently and absolutely inhumanely. this can be found in every war that has been fought in living memory and in an increasing degree, as it has been used deliberately and not just for the alleged purposes of 'making better soldiers', there are other agendas at work.

    many are aware of these basic ideas in one way or another, though they choose to ignore them and simply either 'leave them to it' or perhaps they go on rallies to either 'support our troops' or 'end war now'. however, if the broader picture were more fully understood, there would - I am certain, be vastly different directions taken in general with regards to the perceptions of governmental agendas, military, wars and so on.

    what this mind control does is literally fragments the collective soul; which effects EVERYONE. even the ones who create the programs do not fully understand this and they are not completely understanding how our interconnectedness means that they will inevitably also be hurting themselves in a multitude of ways. unfortunately, many are already too injured to find this out.

    while the mainstream media on earth is filled with mind numbing, soul stagnating and pointless information; the same organisations and individuals that run them are communing with other organisations that exist for the sole purpose of genocide, torture and basically to create hell on earth. what's more, many of the the individuals involved are not conscious of this and are often somewhere between sleepwalkers, zombies and living dead.

    the essence of this is freewill and its suppression and/or allowance. where free will is deliberately abused and raped in the name of allegedly 'creating freedom', there must be immediate and conscious steps taken to resolve this and enlighten those involved. the majority who are hypnotised into killing and numbing themselves with toxic foods and polluted 'entertainment' (entrainment) PROGRAMMING need the assistance of those who are liberated. without right action, loving intent and sincere willingness to evolve and heal the future of earth society will resemble the doomsday that so many have prophesied for so long. no prophecy is unavoidable, yet we need to heal, balance and evolve dramatically to change this outcome for the better.

    living fully consciously requires that you understand how your choices are causal in society and how everything you do effects everyone and everything else. while this may not be immediately obvious to the logical mind that likes everything to be neatly mapped out in an obvious way, it does not require much observation and willingness to feel true feelings to understand what is loving and what is not; what is supporting death and what is supporting life.

    my present understanding is that the 'hell on earth' scenario will not be allowed to be manifest on earth, yet still every choice we make to awaken, heal, love and evolve is one more step closer to literal heaven on earth for all.. this is not a fantasy, though it can be!

    reality is spiritual and you are a spirit; connecting with the source of all that is will awaken you to the steps necessary to undo imprinting and programming you may have received whilst incarnate in the earth experience. heart focus, balanced (non dogmatic) yoga and right living will help return the memories of who you are and how to help everyone live a life of joy and peace.

    there is no limitation beyond the limitation you create.

    peace and much love to all