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A result of money & finance is varying degrees of slavery

    ura soul
    A result of money & finance is varying degrees of slavery

    4-5 earth orbits after my incarnation here began (when i was 'aged 4-5' expressed using commonly held words) i was sat eating lunch at the school i was attending and was visited by a pair of beings dressed in suits. they spoke with me as agents representing 'barclays bank' and through means of offering me a 'free leather folder, calculator, pen and notepaper' (as i recall) arranged an agreement with me to open a bank account with them. if this had been other children inventing this agreement, it would have been forgotten after a few days as a new game was created. however, these were apparently 'developed adults' and the game was not forgotten yet. in truth, the 'bank account game' continues to this day.

    when i enquire back in myself.. "why did i desire a bank account?" (beyond the folder, pen and free plastic stuff) - the truth emerges that what i truly needed and desired was to be free to create without hindrance from others and unconsciously agreed to adopt the the same viewpoint held by the majority of adults around me that 'money is required to be free and do'. since the school, family, *corrupt* government and other establishments had only ever sought to control my will, rather than respect my will, i was seeking a remedy and essentially considered that my will and ability are strong enough that i can gain finance and be free. what i did not consider was what is now painfully obvious; that i already was free and that using money, is by definition, ending 'free-ness'. the remedy i needed was to stop agreeing to other people's rules and to simply love me instead and allow me to be free.

    when i agreed to a bank account i was actually continuing the same mistakes i had previously been making in the name of 'politeness' and also out of ignorance and actually through not believing that those around me would be so heartless, ignorant and unhelpful as to mis-direct an evolving child.

    now i, and many others, know better. we know that most/all of the banks are in one way or another run by a small group of individuals who do not have anyone's best interests at whatever is left of whatever heart they may possibly have once had beating. we know about the essentially evil actions of these groups that attempt to remain unknown and unseen.

    i now see clearly that the only reason i have ever had for desiring money is to attempt to increase the amount of freedom i experience and that this simply cannot be done using money. if i wish to travel to another area on the planet, i am told that i 'must' use a plane, bus, train, car or some other type of mechanising; all of which utilise forms of energy/matter which i am told i must 'pay for' and which are also taxed; the cash involved mostly floating back to the same groups who run the banks.

    money will not buy you health and money will not help you move faster. money can only help you in the false / broken versions of reality that are empowered by and continue to empower death. how can death empower? technically it doesn't. yet death is held in the magnetic field of this planet - oil is one example of death held in suspension. and we use it to 'power' our cars. once again. you cannot buy freedom. if you think that money is freeing you, you are allowing you to be 'run' by your mind and your mind contains errors in thinking/logic that need to be released and allowed to evolve.

    i am guided gently by soul, heart, spirit and divinity to remember and know that i am forced out of balance with me and away from truth when i follow the direction of the banking families, court systems, governments that deny true reality (and free will) and any other agents that support those ways of being. i am reminded that my own continued existence depends on me being free and being me; not allowing me to be controlled by fictional limitations of money, 'mind made rules claimed to be laws' and those who are heartless - the illusion of progress and development that these paths create only ultimately yields loss and heartbreak.

    the fullest description i have yet to encounter on paper of the resolutions are held in the books at: rightuseofwill.com.

    may all sentient being live and know unconditional love and free will. injoy!