gifting the present: the unforgetting way

    ura soul
    gifting the present: the unforgetting way

    by inner union in the heart, we can begin to come into tune with our thoughts, feelings and overall beingness as one.

    one with our earth and the energy source that moves in life.

    while being willing to be the gift you seek, you are able to be connected to all of life and to our source.

    some of who you are has never known the light of god that begins to flow and fall into our being as we come to recognise more of who we are and the depth of our full essence.

    with thoughts that resonate on as one within the heart we can be at peace now and forever more.

    to remain with love we need to learn the way of unforgetting and to remember not to lose touch with all that we are being. our full being is beyond the endless looping thoughts that our mind perpetrates while being without the knowingness that there is a more balanced version of who we are that already exists and that is eternally embodying a peaceful way of being that reflects the heart's more balanced ways.

    all thought of competition ends more easily when we realise that we are all one and that it is only our own neuroses and erroneous thinking that causes us to divide and conquer that which in truth is our all with us and in us.

    may undivided joy and heartfelt thanks bring ease to your sorrows in the way that is right for you.



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