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bugfixed: shouts added from the activity page were all public, even when set to non-public

    ura soul

    any shouts that were previously added via the box at the top of the activity page that were set to a privacy level other than public, were unfortunately publicly visible. any shouts added from zone pages that were intended to be only visible to members of the zone were always correctly only available to those members of the zone and not to the wider public.

    i think there have not been many shouts added that were not intended to be set to public, via the main activity page. if you did add any shouts via the activity page that were not intended to be publicly visible, be aware that they were and still are. the only solution to this is for us to delete any shouts that were added before now that were intended to be non public. this only effects shouts that were added on the main activity page (www.ureka.org/activity) and not any other shouts.

    my apologies for this and thanks to @tanyal for pointing it out to me. this issue arose due to me combining code from several sources that clashed and since we have no dedicated testers here, it took some real world testing to find the problem.