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unloving empire structures on our planet

    ura soul
    unloving empire structures on our planet

    most are aware of the way that the land of the planet has been divided up and artificial boundaries created - generally in ways that are unloving, problematic and imbalanced. the empire builders sought to dominate and control the power of the beings on the planet using any available method - and to attempt to hide their agenda in any way possible.

    the effects of this domination are in many ways apparent in what is left of the british empire - one of the most recent iterations of the repeating empire building patterns that remain present on the planet. while the specific 'nation' that claims control of the empire structures has been attempted to be altered by various groups and beings, the underyling structures have been influenced in many ways by those who have defined themselves as british - if only on the surface. ultimately the nations are themselves mostly irrelevent and truth is that they are no more than concepts and headed stationary, signposts and documentation that reflects the belief systems that hold them in place.

    the systems, such as courts and government of the empires that claim to provide justice, balance and integrity, are themselves repleat with error and hypocrisy. they seek to dominate in the name of freedom and deny what free will is, to such a large degree, that many of the ones who provide the support and energy to maintain these structure are genuinely blinkered/blind to the truth of what they are creating and do not see the hypocritical way that their agenda is creating exactly what it claims to be preventing.

    these systems rely on denial of truth. they claim to be virtuous and honorable, yet can only exist at all because of deception and denial of truth.

    researchers have been showing how, with the expansion of the internet and increased sharing of information, the ones maintaining these systems of deception have gradually altered their public statements to attempt to cover up what they previously were claiming, since they know that they are soon to be completely exposed and seek to escape punishment. in many cases, the same ones have previously declared and authorised punishment of a large amount of others and they have reason to be frightened. karma is real.

    karma, though, does not involve being punished for punishing. karma will show you that you have opened to accepting punishment as being 'ok' and thus you open yourself to punishment. for many exposed to the empirialist system of beliefs, denial and unloving intentions, the punishment began when they were young. the punishment system is present in 'expensive' schools and many other areas of 'society' life, that those who were tricked into thinking of themselves as 'elite' were attracted to be involved with. once you have been punished by those without love and whom attempt to overpower your will, you will need great compassion to evolve lovingly and to forgive, or a potentially deep and passionate desire for revenge may be within you subtly guiding your choices - mostly also denied and not recognised consciously. that is the reality for many who claim to be 'unbiased' and who sit as judges and policy officers (police) - they cannot be unbiased because their subtle senses, energies and what has been called emotional body and consciousness are not balanced.

    if all this were known by everyone and the errors were known and allowed to reverse, the whole infrastructure of the planet could stop in a joint moment of enlightenment; allowing the clearing of the collective fog. ancient enemies could cry tears of joy and offer an open heart to one another. this is not a pipe dream - this is simple soul mechanics.

    so what are the most obvious errors present in the way these systems operate?

    1. courts and judges are creating judgements; yet judgements are by definition also 'fiction'. they are attempts to fill in the gaps by the mind, of what only the feelings and heart can truly know. the ones that would do this are not balanced or aware enough to be able to provide a required level of omniscience to be able to ensure the accuracy of what they are doing. thus errors are common and expected. for beings to define the destiny path of others to include punishment and imprisonment based on judgement (and even now in 'secrecy') is not so far away from dictatorship and needs to end. free will does not support this any more - the intimidating form of the court system is not more powerful than our own spirit and soul - we need only know this is true and live that way to find out here.
    2. those who justify the court systems (and other systems) claim that emotions should not be involved in the proceedings - which creates yet another level of denial and untruth - because emotions are always present and are required to be present for intuition to be possible and for love to flow. truth and true love are a unified reality - they are not mutually exclusive. claims to the contrary have powered unloving activites on this planet throughout our entire existence and this needs to end now. love does have the answers, and love needs to be allowed to provide the truth in new ways for this to be known.
    3. the idea that one family or individual is the only 'sovereign' being and that others are 'less than' is fiction. yet it is the base concept behind and within many of the power struggles and entitlement claims that are operating in the governments, councils and law books of the day. the claim that one nation or group 'owns' land and living beings is also fiction, yet is claimed to be true. the planet is a living sentient being, just like you. claiming to 'own' part of the earth is actually an act of slavery of the earth (and of other life forms) - yet the earth is not recognised by these ones as a living being; so this has gone un-noticed by them for many cycles/years.
    4. contnueing the errors of hierarchy - we now live with a perilous situation where the courts and policy enforcers (police) have been 'corporatised' and the ones defining the policy are so disconnected from their true feelings and hearts that they are essentially psychopathic and living almost entirely fictional realities while claiming that it is others who are wrong. they are not willing to feel the truth and so do not know the truth. the monotonous routines that many of these jobs entail only adds to their closed hearts and minds - this is applying to the majority of the ones acting as bailifs, court agents, military agents and others who have been tricked into the hierarchies. all hierarchy is deception and artificial; hierarchy relies on you using your own power to diminish yourself - usually being motivated to do this through deception that claims it is 'your duty' or that you are honorable for doing so; when in truth, this is just a way of getting your compliance and using your power in subtle ways that leave you feeling powerless to change what the heart needs to change.
    5. the punishment systems operate on the idea that punishment prevents future crime - while denying that punishment does not change the cause of the action that is claimed to justify the punishing and does nothing to prevent that cause creating a similar effect again. you cannot save evil beings by punishing them any more than you can cause peace by bombing and fighting. yet these truths are overlooked consistantly by those who claim to know best for everyone and who continue to deny the free will of beings in favour of their fixed viewpoints/agendas and heartless power fixations. this has to end now.
    6. often these systems claim a built in 'divine right' or to be enacting 'the will of god' while denying the truth of what god is and the feelings that guide as to truly what god needs and desires. this is more denial and error. all beings in creation are of the one, the source and the god. no-one can successfully prove then that any one being is right to have dominion over another; this is well known - and rather than face the truth with integrity, the ones seeking to dominate have raised their voices and thrown all manner of abuses and judgements towards others to attempt to intimidate and overpower. the confusion of this heartlessness has led many to fight, die and suffer unnecessarily as they struggle in living with and comprehending the injustice and twisted outcomes of what has occurred. the actions of the catholic church throughout the previous hundreds of years are full of examples of these patterns. the claims of herecy and the witch burnings are the result of the intent of so many to deny their feelings in place of an image of holyness and to never notice how heartless and cowardly they truly are; how low their own self acceptance had fallen and how much they truly hated themselves. the intent instead was to continue the lies and what emerged is a twisted and submerged hope that everyone else could be killed before the truth was known. that is the extent of the psychopathy presenting as righteousness that is with us even now.


    many have written about these truths and sought remedy; yet have been overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of the imbalances and denial and confusion.

    answers do exist amongst the turmoil and intent to heal does remain alive.

    if we have intent to heal, we can heal. with intent to know truth and to love unconditionally, to feel unconditionally and deeply and to return to balance and integrity - we can and will.

    the choice is ours - all-ways.

    you are loved.