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what is karma? knowing knowingness.

    ura soul
    what is karma? knowing knowingness.

    karma is the process of drawing experiences that can cause and trigger us to find balance.

    karma also reflects the capacity of the being to know; made manifest in creation. the greater the capacity to know - the greater the causality that is made manifest in/by will. the greater the causality that is made manifest by will, the greater the capacity to know. knowing causes desire which causes manifestation, which causes learning and experience, which causes further knowing.

    karma is a process of reflection, never punishment.

    the perception of what karma is and investigation of karma can be colored / altered by beliefs about what karma is.

    for example, by causing thought that karma involves balancing maliciousness by attracting maliciousness, we may be subtly impelled to renounce the idea of karma and reject the truth of what is occurring. the thought itself of what karma is, becomes karma and layers distortions onto the truth - in short, we confuse and twist the truth and this has a knock-on effect for us until we re-balance and reverse our denials and errors.

    in rejecting karma as, for example, threatening, unjust or 'too much to deal with' - we hold truth and empowerment away - and our cycle of self negation continues until we realign and recover what has been lost in error.

    to know karma means to know the capacity we have to know. knowing knowingness.

    the deeper the knowing becomes, the greater also the compassion becomes.

    compassion and knowing are often considered to have separate identities within the soul/self, yet are one and same when allowed to be deep enough and all encompassing.

    without compassion the truth is hidden, without the truth there is no knowing.