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control is the problem, not the solution

    ura soul
    control is the problem, not the solution

    Control implies separation and a division - control cannot exist unless the controller and the controlled both exist.

    The fundamental oneness of unity of 'all that is' once again reveals the error of choosing the illusion of control and especially the error of thinking that the illusion of control is beneficial.

    'con' - as in 'reduction in value' or short for 'convict' and 'confidence trick'.

    'trol' - lives under a bridge and on internet forums/comments lists. ;)

    To the consciousness that defines life and 'things' as being separated from the consciousness itself, the desire to control the 'problems out there' can seem to be the right solution and possibly the only solution available - got 'weeds' growing in your garden? got 'pests'? Many resolve to use some weed or pest control! (for a fee.. *that's 'fee' not 'free'*)

    Yet these approaches all contain denials and create death; which is the consistent result of all forms of denial eventually.

    To the essentially unified consciousness those 'weeds' are not problems, they are the result of the particular balance of the environment - if you desire different species to be present you can evolve and flow and cause greater balance without killing or destroying. Those 'pests' are equally evolvable through increases of awareness, intent to balance and making choices to live, love, flow and grow with harmony rather than with overpowering.

    The unified consciousness recognizes itself to be present in the 'weeds' and in all life and thus there is no benefit to 'control' since the control would just be another form of self-control and self-control is itself the result of imbalances deeper within self that rely on an incorrect definition of internal division within the thinker. So again, the answer is to seek the imbalances and allow the 'kinks' to 'de-kink' lovingly - totally without need for controlling to overpower our own will and desire. Those 'pests' and 'weeds' are the wild ones that the self control has been told not to allow - if you look closely you will see the denial encoded into the forms of these beings and feel the terror that they reflect and are holding due to receiving the beady unloving eye of loveless consciousness that designs to cause their demise just for 'not being pretty enough'. They are your own parts that don't move according to the ways the mind thinks they should and the feelings that aren't acceptable, that are being reflected through forms they think that you will not recognise.