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enhancement: activity page now supports advanced filtering

    ura soul

    a great new feature has been added to ureka that makes the activity page much more useful. you can now filter the main activity list to only show items within specific zones, from all of your zones, within specific time periods, of a particular type (such as videos, thoughts and photos) - plus any combination of these options.

    this means that if you want to see, for example: all the activity in the community zone from your friends in the last month or all the videos added to the holistic healing zone it is now easy to do this right from the main activity page.

    your options are saved in a browser cookie from your previous visit, meaning that every time you view the activity page you will be able to pickup where you left off. to easily reset the filter options just press the 'reset all filters' button.

    let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements with this feature and i'll look to include it in a future upgrade.