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the body is not an obstacle

    ura soul
    the body is not an obstacle

    body is an 'organ-isation' of your energy, your spirit slowed down in vibration and with a density that is crystallised into the pattern that you experience in matter... 'pattern' -> paternal, 'matter' -> maternal...

    these words fit my understanding of the way language relates to the true nature of reality in a similar way to the way that 'elohim' can be read as 'e-nergy' 'lo-hi' 'matter/manifestation'...

    perceiving the body as an obstacle or something that needs to be 'fought off' is the source of much dis-ease, because it is all our energy, so it is an internal battle.. when you think about how science and medical staff often view the body as 'a machine' you can also see how this battle and the misunderstanding of how our reality is created and who we are is made manifest within the patterns and behaviours of our society as a whole...

    the shift from viewing body as 'a device, that is outside' is a huge part of ending disease and largely even the need for medicine at all... some people in drug industries and medical services might feel a fear from this idea 'but I have trained all my life to serve medicine, how will I eat and earn money if there is no need for my services?'.. the realisation though, is that what is being said is actually that 'YOU won't suffer physically as a result of this change.. the ending of sickness'.. that in itself means a huge change in your own and other's lives which will serve to further catalyse changes that can and will bring about heaven on earth..

    embrace the change and create a life of joy, rather than a life of battling and endless challenges of suffering that have no resolution other than death and the pain that goes with that. you are always supported, it is your energy and experience and you are free to create as you prefer. :)