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Divine heart gallery (The Artery)

Welcome to the main ARTery ;)\r\nThe commonly visible spectrum of light is labelled 'rainbow' - what is seen as wet light vibrates the wet-air of earth's atom-sphere. When our own light is unhindered and unhindering our own movements, we can more completely be our rainbow selves with loving and balanced heart.\r\nThe divine heart gallery is for creations of new heartistry, unconditional love and the balance that is truly needed for life to flourish.
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activating the kindalini - giving compassion a chance

    ura soul
    activating the kindalini - giving compassion a chance

    when the concensus is that emotional expression is 'weak' and 'makes you a pansy', the result is tyranny and heartlessness.

    compassion does not exist when the concensus agreement is to deny the true emotional reality of self.

    changing these decisions so that we no longer deny the true vibration of the emotions/body/desire/soul/self is a wise and compassionate decision that begins a path of unity and ends a path of self destruction and the knock-on destruction of others.

    many are hugely invested in maintaining the suppression of the feelings and many more are so confused and engaged in reversed logic, heartlessness and addictions that they do not realise the depth of the value and the necessity of true emotional expression; they instead allow their mind and thinking to denounce feelings in many ways and view others who feel, move and shake as threatening to their own position/choices.

    without emotional expression life ends; so yes, ending emotional expression causes death. this one simple observation is sufficient to inspire the ending of judgement of emotions.

    if we have intent to heal and evolve and also are desiring love we need to allow full emotional expression and not try to stop others from doing that. any type of denial of emotional truth and denial of the intent to heal, evolve and denial of desire of love will always negate other truth and cause fictional beliefs and viewpoints to be created. these imbalanced thoughtforms are even fought and killed for and the consciousness that does this can often begin attacking that which loves and moves and shakes without questioning why such inspiration to attack exists. often the thought is present that claims that what is emotionally expressing and moving is 'dangerous'. obviously the attacker is the dangerous one, yet the veil of the hypocrisy never allows this truth to come to full conscious awareness.

    the term 'kundalini' is an ancient term on this planet and many have yet to hear of it or know its meaning. if the word 'kundalini' is new to you i recommend you allow an exploration through some of the many pages written on other websites about kundalini to more fully grasp some of what i will write from here onwards.

    to fully appreciate and know self and the truth of kundalini requires respect for all of self, including the feminine and masculine centers, the flows that connect internally and the heart and soul and the body - all of self. without this we are left with incomplete awareness of what kundalini is and what we are capable of.

    analysis of the word kundalini reveals the following phonetic and non-phonetic word symbol patterns:

    ku is an ancient symbol for 'soul'.
    un means 'negation' or 'not'.
    unda equates with under.
    alin sounds as 'align'.
    undalin equates with 'underline'.

    so what can we learn from these terms?

    be aware that the ancient knowledge was incomplete - which is part of why we experience such suffering and confusion on the planet presently. the knowledge contained distortions and the distortions remain active in our language (and dna).

    to comprehend the symbol components of the word symbol 'kundalini' most fully, i recognise the value of removing/transforming the letters/symbol of negation that is 'un'. this reflects an ending of self-denial and ending denial of the emotional expressions and self limiting belief/thought patterns that prevent us from allowing the feelings to convert and move into vibration and movements of self/body/will. this also symbolically, within the letter symbols, allows the other symbols to be more clearly read since the presence of 'un' will add an aspect of negation to the other symbols which distorts the causes of their presence.

    so we have:

    ku (soul)
    unda (under)
    alin (align / a line)
    i (self)

    if we remove 'un' from 'unda' we have just 'da'/'der' remaining.. as in the colloequal version of 'the'; for example, as with the phrase 'rock da beatz' ;)

    creating, when read starting the 'i' and ending with soul:

    i align da soul..
    which is very much the functional experience of kundalini awakening and expression. soul alignment and balancing internally.

    so if i remove the negation in self and the 'un' from the word 'kundalini' - what is the new version of that word?

    inplace of 'un' i have 'in'. inplace of negation/denial i have 'me'/'inner' or 'yin'. i have self/family/compassion and thus 'kind'/'kin'. i have love.

    words, dna and all that is manifest has patterns, codes and connects together in ways that we are often mistakenly led to think as being impossible.