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medicinal thinking from the heart: ending denial & correcting our 'code of right thinking'

    ura soul
    medicinal thinking from the heart: ending denial & correcting our 'code of right thinking'

    within me i am aware of what has evolved through conscious choice and decision as what i have labelled 'the code of right thinking' - that is to say that decisions are based on 'sound judgment' and upon what has been determined to be 'the right approach' on particular topics. as experience is lived and attracted we need to allow us to be free and open to re-appraise these held codes, choices and thought-forms if we are to evolve and improve the quality of life for us. if we are closed to such changes we remain trapped in cyclical experience and habits which are not representative of our true desire and true will.

    for a variety of reasons we may decide 'to put those thoughts on the backburner' or 'put that to the back of my mind' or 'that part of me is perfected now' or other such thoughts that result in the creation of a 'sub-conscious' patterning which we then base further decisions on. we might choose to do this for reasons of 'efficiency' and 'speed' of thought and because we perceive that life is easier if we do so. these choices may be triggered by traumatic situations where we choose to think quickly rather than inclusively and holistically because we have calculated that we do not have enough power to change the circumstances that appear to be controlling our destiny and so we need to compromise in our decision making and creation of our own reality to attempt to  avoid a greater catastrophe.

    what we often do not realise is that such behaviour is unloving to us and causes unnecessary limitation and suffering for us and can even cause our own death.

    for example, the decision and thought-form that 'i cannot avoid being controlled somewhere in life in a way that i do not like, so i should control my feelings about it and not get upset and angry because anger doesn't feel how i want it to feel and just leads to me being rejected by those i love' and any amount of other variations on that and other related themes, is highly unloving to us and is a direct denial of our own free will, emotions, truth, happiness, body, soul, spirit, heart, health and wellbeing. yet in our own 'code of rightness' this may have been settled upon and believed to be 'the lesser of two evils' where the other choice appeared to be less painful than the choice to suppress and deny the true response of the the feelings to the present moment.

    when others come to us and challenge our sub-conscious programs and beliefs and where we are now denying that we use these programs and why we are holding them to be true, we may be triggered to attack these others due to our refusal to accept the pain that we have caused us by denying our own emotions and truth. obviously this is a perilous and highly charged and highly imbalanced and unconscious situation for all involved, yet denial is no solution to this at all, unless death is what we desire.

    in reversing our denial, we allow the light of love to enter into us, our thinking, our heart and all of us; the feelings and will are free'd to be as they actually are and not the false version that we are forcing them to become.

    specific, common blockages and denials which will cause dysfunction and suffering which are necessary to reverse as a matter of priority for well-being, include and are not limited to:

    • changing location, job, activity, identity, role, marital status or some other aspect of self and then 'drawing a line' between you as you are and you as you 'were' and declaring to the effect of 'that me no longer exists'. the truth is that that 'you' does indeed still exist or you would not need to draw a line. that line needs to be removed for integrity and balance to be allowed in you. those involved with military, secret society, religious and other groups often hold such denials and exhibit and live related dysfunctions of spirit, mind, body, heart and will.
    • holding the decision that feelings of particular types are 'too much to bear', 'too wrong for me', 'not my style', 'not me', 'not acceptable to my society/school/other established group' or any other form of negation of true feelings, possibly to gain acceptance. the truth here is that we cannot 'gain acceptance' through denying the feelings. acceptance cannot come through denial, they are opposites. if the true feelings take you away from the ones who do not accept certain feelings, then they are not the right ones for you to be with at that timing. such suppressive groups and agendas are not loving and to question the origin of what is attracting you to that environment is a wiser choice than attempting to succeed in some type of hierarchic organisation for whatever benefit is perceived to be available through doing so.
    • exceeding a self-imposed limit or a limit that was agreed upon and that others have frowned upon being crossed and then crossing that limit anyway and then denying that you crossed it for 'your own safety'. this is another form of denial that fragments the consciousness of self and that may result in one part of you being calm and placid and then in another moment you focus to another aspect of your energy and you become angry and heartless with no cause being apparent to those around who are not so enlightened, empathic and conscious of why you are as you are. many other imbalanced behaviours have emerged from such denials. truth is that only you are fully aware of why you do what you do and you are not served by placing limits on you based on what others may think - they do not know the full detail of your energy and you need to self accept all of yourself to be in a position to truthfully decide if any particular limit is for you or not. releasing the limits that 'i will only allow my crossing of certain limits to be known by me' and 'i will not allow myself to know that i have crossed one of my own limits' need to be reversed and any other variants and related versions of patterns of that theme.
    • any choice or thought that contradicts the reality of how you truly are. common examples of this are self affirmation type statements such as 'i am fearless' and 'i love myself unconditionally', when the true reality is that emotionally you feel afraid and are even holding down deep terror for a variety of reasons (bravado being a common cause). the attempts to project that reality is not as it is are the common theme and this is often twisted to include another layer of the same type of destructive denial, such that claims are made that 'i am not denying that reality is as it is' when in fact, you are. only emotional truth and total integrity can deliver the balanced energy and type of joyful experiences that are available - the twisted logic that claims anything other than this needs to be closely examined to allow new light shine into the injured areas of our soul.

    i could continue this list for many paragraphs (and life-times), however, i sense these are sufficient for you to be prompted to find more of your own denials on your own and to, by way of intending through the heart to allow balance and love in place of denial and suppression, begin to heal and think clearly and feel love again - perhaps more than you ever have and more than you ever believed possible.