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cruelty to life

for the collection of data and proof of the abuses that are occuring on this planet due to heartlessness, greed, unlovingness, error and unenlightenment.
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Animal testing is unnecessary, causing harm to humans and to all life

    ura soul
    Animal testing is unnecessary, causing harm to humans and to all life

    The entire process of heartlessly controlling, abducting and/or overpowering the will of 'animal' beings is one that can only exist and be chosen while denial and error is present in the consciousness of those involved.

    Besides the fact that there is no knowledge that can be gained through 'testing' on other life forms that cannot be brought into awareness via other methods, such as through awakening to the true self and healing the intuition/receptive abilities of self.. Another aspect exists to animal testing (cruelty) which is needing to be brought to light now.

    This issue 'should' be obvious, yet because of the way that the emotions and feminine essence (the will) have been denied on earth for so long, many continue to overlook this cause of much of our distress and suffering: Dysfunctions of body are dysfunctions and injuries of our will - which means that body illness and injury are directly causally connected with distress and injury of emotion. This is why we may experience a slower healing rate when emotionally distressed and also explains a wide variety of other phenomena of this type. The effect of such extreme heartlessness on the collective soul energy of life here is the direct effect of abducting and torturing spirits/animals/beings against their will and that effect on the collective consciousness and soul is highly damaging and detrimental. While many may claim that they are 'helping humanity' by performing animal testing, the truth that is FELT is very different. The truth is that through their heartless endeavours they disturb and torment the life forces and indeed, some of those involved in the animal testing hold this as a sub-conscious intention that they deny - this is partly why protests that aim to enlighten through intellectual education often have no effect on whether the activity continues - the activity is a manifestation of unloving & evil intent.

    If you do not fully appreciate the effect that such lack of respect has upon the broader web of life, you owe yourself the dignity of not participating in any activity which supports any type of animal testing whatsoever. This is not difficult since you do not need any of the products that are made in these laboratories whatsoever.

    If you think this isn't effecting you and is someone else's problem, i advise you to visit an animal research facility, ideally one that is no longer used and sense and FEEL the vibration of the energy and see what you attune to. I have done this without knowing in advance that this was what the facility i visited was used for previously. I quickly felt the anguish, terror and rage that was present there and how heartless and purely vile the 'humans' were who engaged there.

    May unconditonal love flourish. We are 1.