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Is the mind control in schools any different to the control in prisons and concentration camps?

    ura soul
    Is the mind control in schools any different to the control in prisons and concentration camps?

    *whistle sounds*
    "STOP NOW".

    "bell sounds"

    all seems innocent enough right? how else will 'teachers' get the children to come back to class, AGAINST THEIR WILL?

    if the children want to come back to class there is no need to control them; they will do so when they are ready, when their bodies have moved enough and when they are comfortable to come inside. however, the lack of consciousness of the necessity to support and nurture free will above and beyond 'meeting schedules' and 'sticking to timetables' has led to an all too common total dis-regard for our true will and this is pure heartlessness and denial. many deny that this denial is taking place - yet honesty and integrity and intent to balance/feel good is going to show you that denial is not right here.

    if this 'innocent bell ringing' were all that were present in this, forgiveness would be much easier than it is. the reason for this is that at subtle and hidden levels, the full depth of this mind and will control agenda is far from innocent. at the school i attended, a full enslavement and control program existed, managed at the micro level, yet not revealed to parents or children except in its intentionally veiled actioning. as i look back on it now, knowing what i know now about these programs, i can see clearly some of the patterns that were involved and the way that the children were lulled into accepting the patterns and then the patterns were increased in intensity. for example, at aged '4/5' the 'games' in the gymnasium were quite fun, musical and alive - we would run and chase and bounce and move - yet there were rules and there was deliberately introduced elements of control - instigated using sound/vibration. we would be told to stop running when the music stopped and if we were not quick to stop we would 'be out' and no longer able to play. so our body/mind/soul/heart was being conditioned to open acceptance for patterns with the following programming: move and play, yet be careful not to exceed the limits given by 'the other in the room'.

    • if limits are exceeded, play will stop and feeling good will decrease (unloving punishment).
    • in future, if you are 'good' (where 'good' equals: 'you respond to being controlled and stopping moving on command') you will get to play and move with some limited free will expression.
    • by not allowing your will to be controlled by the voice (sound vibration) of others, you will be punished and 'lose privileges') (privileges in this case being the god given natural abilities needed for life on this planet, such as experiencing the elements, fresh air, moving the body, communicating and eating/drinking). this is the same pattern as unloving beings have used with the beings we have labelled as 'dogs' and other beings they wish to control, dominate and overpower. (heartlessness).

    this basic pattern opens the reality that people can be controlled easily, until this damage to the heart is healed.

    the pattern is then amplified and abused / accessed in other ways later in life - such as 'the policeman's whistle', alarm bells and any other type of voice command where the now broken and molded 'citizen' responds will-lessly as a subordinate and compliant slave. anyone who lives to fixed schedules, fixed patterns and sub-ordinate to another's commands is involved here.

    the way these patterns are used is not unlike the way that a free man/woman might have had no cont(r)act with government or so-called 'royal' family and was quite free - until one day they crossed some type of artificial rule that they quite possibly did not even know existed and would then be 'summonsed' (just as today) to some type of court or other location (gaol). gradually then, they would be forced through violence if that was the only way left, to capitulate to 'the authorities' ('the crown') and might open a little more and a little more to being overpowered. just as the torturer's thumbscrews cause ever more pain and destroy the heart ever more at a slow rate - so too have these patterns been enacted across most of the planet and called 'schools' and 'churches' and 'places of education'. the patterns are often subtle, yet the logic remains consistently cruel, heartless and death-creating.

    this pattern of creating a huge list of rules such that not breaking rules becomes almost impossible is just another part of the acting out of the attempt by unloving spirits totally dominate and enslave all that is. if you are unaware that this has been happening, the chances are that you are directly involved and may have been unwittingly coerced into making the situation worse.. you need to look closely at and feel deeply into the causes of all of your thoughts, behaviors and patterns and allow your feelings to let you know what is loving, what is not loving, what is yours and what is not. then you can begin the journey to freeing yourself and no longer enslaving yourself and others under the misapprehension that what you are 'doing the right thing'. if you do not know why you are choosing what you are choosing, you have no possible justification for even attempting to 'guide', 'teach' or advise anyone else and even less chance of guiding them to enlightenment and successful living.