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Rigid habits & rituals keeps us trapped like a bird caught in a net

    ura soul
    Rigid habits & rituals keeps us trapped like a bird caught in a net

    Many earthlings are not fully consciously aware and awake - they are not thinking about their own thinking and they are disconnected from their own will.

    Yesterday a bird here was caught in a net that is used to protect strawberry plants (from birds). this particular net was not properly sealed all the way around and so a smaller bird had found a way into it and was not finding a way out again. While freeing the bird i saw that rather than back out of the net and free itself, it instead simply kept trying to fly forwards into the same net that was restricting it. The consciousness was not truly connecting through the heart to the will and body and was just running a program of 'move forward to get away from problems'.

    This type of program is in humans too.

    situation: "my tooth hurts"

    -> program: do not feel the tooth and go to the root cause..

    -> programmed solution: go to a dentist

    situation: "oh you are going to give me an anesthetic?"

    -> program: this will all be over soon, let them do what they do and i can forget about the (truth of the) tooth.

    result: Just like the bird that just wanted to keep on going with the same routine, you get stuck. You get stuck 'forgetting about teeth' and 'forgetting about the nervous system and feeling parts of self that connect and flow as teeth'. In this way you cause more of the same, more 'flying into nets' or 'teeth hurting' because the cause of the issue was blocked and denied.

    situation: "I am bothered by discomfort that is subtle now"

    program: There's nothing i can do about that now, i'll just go and distract me from my feelings by drinking at a bar and then go to a cinema and then sleep.. The further away i can get from the truth of why i am hurting, the less it will bother me.

    result: Further denial is caused and further inner distancing from actual reality occurs and further dis-empowering occurs.

    So there are two possible paths evolving here:

    1. Continue denying true feelings and actual reality by use of programs, habits, media, chemicals and distractions.. gradually numbing, aging, harming and dis-communicating self.. leading to death (which is ultimately a slow form of suicide).
    2. Reverse all of this, choose love of all of self and never go past your own body, feelings, desires, needs, intuition and will... allowing heart to balance and mind to evolve. resulting in continued existence and ever new joy.

    Many of us are unaware that this situation exists and has been worsening and have simply judged that 'everyone dies' and 'there's nothing i can do about this' or even 'this is god's will'. the truth is that all of this suffering is caused by denial of our own will by us.. which is heartlessness.