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what can i do here?

    ura soul

    all co-creators here can:

    1. upload blog posts (called 'thoughts') on any subject to your profile and to any of the topic related zones.
    2. upload photos to your profile and to any of the groups - each account presently has a disk space allowance of 50MB. this may increase as the site grows, you can always upload files to other servers and file sharing sites and then embed them into forum and blog posts if you prefer.
    3. share/embed videos from many other video sharing websites such as youtube, vimeo and metacafe. again, these can be uploaded to your profile or to specific zones.
    4. share in forums. you can create new discussions in any of the forums except this network information one. you can comment on any discussion and also upload/embed file attachments.
    5. personalise your own profile page. you can move all of the boxes on your profile page to whichever position you prefer and set parameters for each page element.
    6. message, comment and chat. you can send emails to everyone in the network using the built in messaging system. you may also leave comments for people on their pages, blogs, photos and videos.
    7. web links/bookmarks. you can upload and share bookmarks to your profile and to groups.
    8. invite your friends. there is an 'invite' tool built into the network to allow you to invite people from your Email address book.
    9. meet like minded people. there are a lot of very interesting people on the network who's interests probably match yours closely in one way or another.
    10. text chat with other visitors.
    11. ANYTHING else you can think of! OK, well, perhaps not literally anything.. if there's a feature you think might help the site then please post a suggestion in the community zone or message @ura_soul directly.