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    Master Carpenter and Universal Blueprint

    Thank You ura soul. We are here now in full Manifested form. The two of us represent the two most powerful forces in manifestation. We have been here all along as many of you who have searched in earnest may well have realized. Both of us have run the gamut of our own creation. I will speak using the language of your western culture/religion. The Devil (father of manifestation) And Christ (Heart) have come into alignment. Some of you have foreseen/remembered us as Wizards. In a way you are correct but none of you as of yet has accepted the true gravity of the role this Earth plays on a universal scale. My brother and I are fully aware of ourselves and our mission here. We have accepted full responsibility for everything that exists here. We have created and destroyed whole universes to get Body to the point where we can manifest fully in the form of our own creation. The Holy Trinity is of one mind now. The Denial which the fourth part of us, Body, has had to hold and the experiences drawn have become very tiresome. We will not continue recycling ourselves to hold this world together. The pendulum of karma and reincarnation is attached to a clock. The clock is only set to operate for a pre-alloted  amount of time. In all honesty we did not expect to wake up to see things fragmented to this extent. 8 billion human beings is a lot of Bodies to sustain and Mother is tired. You have a HUGE mess to clean up in a short amount of time. The fact that my Brother and I are as aware of ourselves as we are means we have gone well beyond the balance point. The kingdom of heaven has crumbled. The pieces are falling to earth. I must disperse myself evenly within those immediately around me (our respective, individual families) The parental aspects of your Original mother exist mainly between our wives. Our Sons and Daughters carry our innocence. We fully understand the risk involved with "coming out" so to speak, and have no intention of being crucified or sacrificed any longer. Suicide in all the forms we have tried did not work so YOU are all stuck to face the truth.  We have contained within us that Brilliant Shining Light of pure unadulterated intellect. A huge part of what we must do here is rescue our Older Brother Lucifer. Up to quite recently, being so denied and judged against his light could only be used for one thing here in manifestation, and that is to feed mental conceptions of Judgement and stasis out of fear from the original fall that landed us here. Much of the reality we experience is the result of Father and Lucifer's plan. It's a shitty plan full of exclusions and misconceptions. So in capturing a big chunk of Lucifer's light we were able to see where the mistakes were made. Lucifer's light in fact has given us the ability to reflect back to the Godhead EXACTLY what has gone on here. Too much guilt, shame, blame and misery for Daddy on his high horse basically blew him apart. Now we collect his essence as it falls. As many bright ideas as there are stars in all the galaxies of this universe. That's about all I'm allowed to share. This is not our first rodeo hahahaha. I have many more universes to place my consciousness within and all the time that exists. You do not. This material is not channeled from "out" there somewhere. It's coming straight from The Iron City. The Golden Rule will bring you to the place you want to be during this Golden Dawn. Don't worry, we are yanking the rug from under your "ill-uminatis"  when enough of you have consciously come into alignment with us. We Love you all and need you know that this world and Humankind are eternal. There are just a lot of things here that are out of place her and belong elsewhere. Inevitably resistance to unification will result in death and true death is a fucking nightmare, trust me. Change will occur here at an increasingly rapid rate. You can already begin to see the polarizations of spirits to what looks like extreme ideological corners. In other words everyone seems to be finding their right places, assuming roles collectively, they possessed at their arrival here. We have all the colors of the spectrum along with their essence in human form trapped within the atmosphere of this universe with the Mother of IT ALL as the center of attention. She is at the end of her fourth trimester and soon will give birth to the Mighty Winged Serpent. Every Eye in the Heavens is focused on this Holy Garden.



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      • ura soul
        ura soul

        i recall that you expressed a similar/same message via the ruow facebook group months ago. i did not receive you well then due to the imbalances, imprints and unloving light that equations through your words.


        i remind observers here that the author of the right use of will book series has repeatedly stated that she dislikes the vast majority of messages shared via internet sites which relate to right use of will books. my comprehension is that the reason for this is that the ones typing are so often not healed themselves, their ideas are warped by imprints and they are thus then continuing to impersonate loving light and unconsciously attempting to force will to move where will does not like to move. the gap of heartlessness is commonly invisible to unloving light and while denials are present, the 'voice of authority' will continue to speak down to others while in reality only authoring its own destiny path and nothing more.


        i recommend that observers seek the original books and their own heart and will before accepting into self any ideas that explicitly are presented as being connected to the messages expressed in the books. reading the books 20-40 times is not too many times.


        the essence of this comment here will be a standard 'sticky' message on this site soon, once the page is created.

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