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speed increases and many fixes are now live at ureka.org

    ura soul

    after a lot of coding, testing and fixing (and some swearing) - ureka.org is now running the much needed, faster and more up to date version of the elgg framework that the site is based on. visitors to the site will notice immediately that the pages are loading more responsively - with some pages now loading in close to half the time they previously did. that's a great result and there will be a similar performance jump coming in the near future when i upgrade a software layer on the webserver (possibly in the next few days).

    here's an incomplete summary of the changes that have gone live here in the last week:

    • bugfix: new videos now generate notifications
    • enhancement: email notifications now contain details about the item that they describe
    • enhancement: many small visual tweaks and improvements
    • enhancement: cleaned up white theme
    • performance: all pages now load significantly faster.
    • bugfix: icon popups on hyperlnks now load correctly.
    • enhancement: links for zones in the recent discussions list on the activity page now go to discussions.
    • plus many more small fixes and improvements throughout the site.

    this process of improvement will continue over the next few weeks and some new features will be here soon too. all feedback is welcome!