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ending tyranny and terrorism

    ura soul
    ending tyranny and terrorism

    terrorism is essentially defined as 'threatening a government/nation' and tyranny as 'government/nation controlling/threatening the people'.

    tyranny is the more serious problem since wo/man creates government and when the creators of government are being threatened/overpowered/denied by their own creation, then the many serious problems cannot end without this imbalance of power being drastically changed! the serious problems may even go as far as some being labelled as 'terrorists', when they are only responding to having been pushed up against the wall and do not know what else to do, other than take up arms. the power to stop the created government from overpowering the people will always be found within us all, yet many are hugely overpowered and are disconnecting from their ability to make the called for changes.

    while it is true that individuals may cause acts of terrorism regardless of whether a government is behaving tyrannically or not, the fact remains that it is government that holds much of the massive power of the military forces and thus must not only exercise real and enlightened restraint, but must truly set a balanced example for others. the perverse wars of aggression earth has seen in recent years are not a balanced response to any of the events that were used as their justification.

    where governments are overpowering the people, they forfeit any claim to represent the people. at most they can claim to represent a majority of people and not all people. in this case, the government only has the right to overpower the majority of people (only those people who agree to use overpowering and to be overpowered) and does not have the right to overpower those who choose to not be overpowered.

    governments are servants of all the people and as soon as governments and agents of governments take the stance that the people are subservient to the government (whether overtly or covertly), tyranny is occurring and this is one of the most serious and dangerous of all imbalances. immediate actions need to be taken to restore balance when tyranny is being enacted.

    when sincere questions are avoided by government agents as to the roots of their supposed 'authority', 'jurisdiction' and claims of position/hierarchy, once again these agents show that they are not in their right place.

    the only true and useful role of a valid government is to maintain balance-points in society.

    balance-points are that which ensure everyone is free to be as they prefer, without overpowering anyone. balance-points ensure that all is abundant, free and that free will is respected in every way possible.

    balance needs to start in our own heart and in that way is initially a balancing of self, which can then be reflected in the world too. balance is defined as 'no part is overpowering any other part' and by re-membering this simple truth and also diligently ensuring that nothing is being denied, we are ensuring that balance is always found and we can rapidly experience hugely beneficial change that serves us all.

    may we know who we are, know unconditional love - plus heal, balance and evolve!