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'mentions' should now be working properly

    ura soul

    after a couple of days of coding, i have now fixed the 'mentions' functions that got broken during the recent upgrade and have also added some improvements. now, when you type a @ symbol in most textboxes, followed by some characters - you will trigger a box that shows you any creator-names of others co-creators that match the characters you have typed. just click on the co-creator you want to mention and their creator-name will automagically be added to the text.

    whoever you have mentioned will be notified via the site's notification system - so you can easily grab someone's attention - or a group of people - and get them to come and look at what you are doing at ureka.

    you need to enable notifications for mentions in your main notification settings page before you will receive any notifications for mentions.

    NOW FIXED: there are a couple of known glitches that i am working on that are beyond the scope of my work here:

    • creator-names that contain hyphens will not work with the mention system yet.
    • typing a full stop after a @ and a creator-name will cause the popup to search indefinitely. just remove the full stop or type some other characters to close the popup.