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colours in society – how extensive, covert, mind control systems are being applied to us all

    ura soul
    colours in society – how extensive, covert, mind control systems are being applied to us all

    why are the toys and objects that are created for children of pre-school age, all such bright, primary colours?

    why are the items made for children of school age, generally less intensely coloured?
    why are school (and other) uniforms so often uniformly dull, grey and lifeless?
    why are the items made for adults as they age, progressively less intensely coloured?
    why are the packaging of so many commercial products being so brightly coloured?

    some of the answers are, to the best of my ability, here... and they are not pretty.

    if you walk through many city centers and towns on this planet (the more 'commercialised' areas), with an intention to be aware of which colours are present and which colours are not present, you will most likely notice a pattern. generally, the brightest colours will be on advertising-boards, on vehicles, shop signs and not on walls of buildings, pavements or even in the flowerbeds.

    areas of brightly coloured artwork made on walls by local people may be labeled as 'graffiti' and as a 'crime'. yet who is deciding this? obviously the ones who painted the walls do desire the artwork to be present on the walls and they too are part of the community. from where are the controllers, who are commanding that the bright colours are painted over with the bland beiges and greys we see in so many places, receiving their imagined 'authority'?

    the truth here, is that the authority comes from YOU. the people of earth were, long ago, overpowered and gradually agreed to 'out-source' more and more of their own decision making to 'government' and 'councils'. the power loss is now so vast that many never even think for a moment that they could choose to be free and choose their own destiny. now I am asking you to look at the decisions being made while you weren't noticing. now I am asking you to feel and observe the causes of the choices of these governments and I am asking you to notice that their choices are not (and were never intended to be) serving you, unless you too are a controller who desires to limit free will, free movement and life's possibilities in general. these 'governments' and corporate controllers serve heartlessness, greed, control and commonly cause more death than they have nurtured life.

    colours are frequencies of vibrating energies.

    when brightly coloured light is received in the body, our mind and senses will hold an imprint of the experience. the feelings that are present in those moments will also be connected with the imprint. so our youngest children are commonly being imprinted to associate bright colours with the feelings of joy, the experiences of the presence of friends and of them freely moving/playing - since their toys and early experiences are coloured with bright, primary colours and during those experiences they are allowed to be (more) free than in later life. in short, we/they are associating being free with the presence of bright colours.

    when we are sent to school, the situation changes (by the deliberate design of the heartless social engineers) and the colours in our reality mostly are more dimmed. now we are 'here to work' and we are controlled. the claim is under-currently or overtly made that we are not here to be free and enjoy life now, since, now we are here to learn and 'do as you are told'. the many primary colours, now become the black/blue and white of ink on paper and maybe the grey of the uniforms.

    when we then leave school and 'respectably' 'earn money' in a 'job', we are left with these memories and feelings of contrasting experience, where the bright colours are being associated with freedom, while the dimmed colours are associated with being controlled and not feeling good/free (since generally we do not feel great at school and the control that is present in so many schools does not feel at all good to a moving, living child who wants to be free).

    this contrast and association of (bright = good / free)|(dim = bad / control), is being exploited.

    exploited, not only by 'advertisers' and other types of social engineers (mind controllers), it is also being deliberately enforced across entire societies, by those who are trusted to make decisions in governments and councils that are claimed to be 'for the good of all our futures'. reality here, is that in many cases, psychopathic minds and those who may jump at the chance of running nazi-style death camps are among the ones making decisions in some of the largest governments on the planet – they do not have scruples. the same ones running many of the corporations, with massive marketing budgets are involved in the revolving door of government and corporate boards – they decide what is available in shops, what is available in schools and how the entire infrastructure of 'the society you think is yours' will unfold. they do this in your name, as a service to you, yet there is little love present and the service is mostly only to their own bank balance and usually is in no way truly in service to liberation, joy, expansion, divinity, successful evolution or true balance.

    in many locations you may discover, when you come to paint your own home a particular colour, that a local bureaucrat attempts to force you to use a different colour that is 'more in keeping with the community' – which is a cover-story to mask that truly they are enforcing a program of conformity, designed to prevent you manifesting your free will choice (even the enforcers may not fully yet recognise the deception here, due to their own denials and since the plots/schemes of the agenda to control 'the masses' is not shared with those lower down in their hierarchies). these ones may honestly believe that what they are doing is for 'the good' – when in fact they are being used in a subtle scheme to continue and re-enforce the subtle enslaving of as many of us as is possible - using the unconscious and sub-conscious associations being inserted into the neural pathways of our hearts, bodies & minds. the enforcing of bland colours is just another way of ensuring that the desire for bright colours draws you in to purchase 'that packet of fluoride filled toothpaste in vibrant primary colours' and that 'packet of fast food fried potatoes'..

    don't you remember?
    "i'm lovin' it"...?
    you are lovin' it aren't you?

    the research and application of these programming techniques extends decades, hundreds and in some cases thousands of years into our 'past', through the evil research performed in the many Nazi death camps in germany and far, far beyond that too.

    i intend to expose many of the details here, yet you may not immediately acknowledge the accuracy of what I am sharing, since these issues are heavily censored/denied and we ourselves are commonly, habitually burying and denying the true feelings which would/could let our mind know the full truth of our own plight. without the true feelings, we are left only with a mind that does it's best to struggle through life, lost without the necessary intuition and balance that only our true feelings and a balancing heart can provide in us. in this lost state, as a soul, we can only experience the results of our lost magic, lost freedom and lost love; we may laugh when someone suggests we are a divinely created creator spirit, who is here to freely enjoy ecstatic, loving, eternal life in creation... yet that is who we are in truth.

    as I continue here, you will begin to see just how unloving and evil this agenda has become and how those involved have at every opportunity been choosing to make progressively more and more limiting choices while attempting to push them onto everyone else – ideally without everyone else being fully aware that this is occurring. these patterns are logically the same patterns that are well documented by the (not so well known) de-programming groups who have rescued so many souls from various cults who regularly perform ritual human sacrifice, torture and who operate mind control programs - which have targeted all levels of society, especially those who are involved with governments.

    (for further information on the topic of trauma induced mind control, you can read the books and view the videos in the sources list at the bottom of this page. other videos and data is available elsewhere in the community here and online via other websites).

    the basic patterns that are commonly being used and abused are, essentially:

    1. embed the target child with (extreme) loving feelings, thoughts and experiences as much as possible.

    this associates the particular thoughts/feelings with whatever symbols, ideas and voices that the programmers wish to implant into the child; these symbols/ideas/voices will be recalled later and are used as anchors within the psychology of the target. bright colours, shapes and stories/plot-lines can be used to install these 'anchors' and the de-programmers have identified that in many cases, disney stories/characters are being used in these stages of the trauma induced mind control programs.

    in cases of full-on trauma induced mind control programming, where the child has been specifically born to be programmed, there are specialist teams of programmers who can give 'love' to the child and form bonds with them. in the more general programs in use across entire societies, the love is the love of the biological parents and so the parents are also targeted to be overpowered (mind controlled) and/or the child is removed from the parents through government departments (social services) as soon as is practical – usually for false reasons which the design of the government and 'law', having already been carefully distorted and corrupted, provides little or no means for the parents to retrieve their now 'legally' stolen/kidnapped children.

    2. create contrasting (extreme) experiences, whereby there is an opposite stimulation provided for all the previously positive experiences that were created.

    examples might be, in a trauma induced mind-control program, to kill other children in front of the target child – or perform electro-shock torture on the child directly. equivalents to the direct torture are used in the wider society-wide versions of the programs, which do not involve direct torture and which are intended to be covertly applied. these include (and are not limited to) the general over-control that we see being applied in schools and as a result of the policies of governments, which have sought to separate children from parents as soon as possible and instill/install in them the programs of the controllers, rather than stimulate the child's own self empowerment (this is increasingly done via secret 'family' court sessions). the aim is to split/fragment the persona of the child, such that they essentially become more than one person, expressing with a single body. the parts of them that knew love are vibrating so differently to the parts that are abused and controlled, that a boundary is created internally, within their spirit/mind - which we might term their 'sub' or 'un' conscious self. this boundary effectively creates a fragment, which can then be dominated, controlled and programmed in a variety of ways – even in the same room as us - and most of us will not notice.

    since a natural desire is for our own balance, the victim seeks to rejoin the parts of itself together in a union of healthy wholeness; uniting the part that knows love and joy, with the other, more damaged fragments - yet they usually do not know how to. the adults around the victim may act as if the true details of the victim's reality do not exist, since these adults do not know the full truth, or worse – are complicit in the programming. this seeking for union/balance/healing will commonly express as the child seeking for that which is unconsciously/subconsciously associated with the loving feelings in step 1 of the program – thus desires exist all the more to connect with the vibrant lights, colours and freedom that was once known – except now the victim is older and is experiencing the more 'adult' world, where now, thanks to the long-term agenda of total, full spectrum, domination of the soul of humanity, the only bright colours left are slot machines, cinema/tv screens and billboards which all come with their own hooks & brands, which are also part of the enslavement/entrapment agenda – just as the hooks & brands that are found in slaughterhouses control the souls there that are being heartlessly labelled as 'cattle': to be owned, controlled & sold (not souled). this is not science fiction - this is already being lived and experienced by many.

    3. monitor the child as they grow and adapt the program as needed, taking into account their psychology, preferences and responses to steps 1 & 2.

    in the cases of directly applied, trauma based mind control programming, the target/victim is often housed within programming centers and/or other locations which are entirely controlled, such that monitoring them is easy. the equivalent societal programs use whatever monitoring is available, for example, the many regular 'tests' in schools and hospitals are sometimes designed to support the agendas of the social engineers in ways which are difficult to detect, unless you know this agenda exists. the increasing use of technology and social media has made such monitoring far easier and far broader in it's capacity and reach. the mass surveillance and spying of various government agencies cross the electromagnetic grids of the planet is most certainly NOT only being used to 'catch criminals'.

    4. use the conditions created in the soul of the child in steps 1 & 2, to control the child's thoughts and actions, very specifically in their adult life.

    in the societal version of the programming, this part of the process includes, as one facet, the deliberate removal of all bright colours and joyful experiences that were once available for free, with limited options that are only available as part of a system of commerce. this way, the natural desires of the spirits/souls that are seeking vibrant experiences in society, can be channeled towards the types of experiences that please the controllers and which fit into the overall agenda of total domination; since the only vibrancy they will encounter is in advertising and commercial products – they will have no choice but to work for money and then to buy these products to add any type of vibrancy to their lives at all. the many primary colours of television adverts and magazine covers are carefully designed, based on vast amounts of research - not to serve the reader/purchaser, but to ensure that a) the purchaser buys the product and b) that the control agenda of the media organisation and their programming teams are received and acted upon by the purchaser. (this is not unlike the way a fisherman lures in fish with bait that resembles something that the fish might like to eat, yet once swallowed is found to contain barbed hooks, which leave no possibility for the fish to regain it's liberty).

    in the more extreme, trauma induced mind control programs, the target will be extremely controlled, to the point of being little more than an automaton. they follow programs/scripts like a computer follows the source-code that underpins the applications and websites that we now are so familiar with. the free-will of the target has been so manipulated and overpowered that they are trapped in the most hellish possible type of reality experiences – so controlled and monitored that when they try to escape, they are channeled back into the program through their interactions with, for example, a mind-controlled 'doctor' who says he/she will help the target, yet who then arranges that the target is taken in for yet more programming sessions.

    i wish to remind you here that I did not invent this programming method that is being shared with you here.

    the methods were revealed to me through reading books written by those who have been involved with de-programming those humans who have escaped from the various programming centers that span the planet. i then related what they had expressed, to my own experiences in society and connected the patterns together. i urge you to consider reading the books in the links below and watching the videos to get a more direct sense of what is occurring behind closed doors, in underground bunkers and in the so-called 'corridors of power'.

    sources and more info:

    note: i have not read these exact webpages that are linked here, to ensure that the entire books are reproduced on these sites/pages in their original form. i ask that you do your own due diligence research if you read the books that are linked here, to confirm that the pages i have linked are indeed reproduced as their authors intend).