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    Rafael Afghaen Draemwaever

    If there was any place on Earth you could go and feel totally and completely whole, healed and at peace, where would it be?

    • Charlotte Mann
      by Charlotte Mann

      I have always wanted to experience Tibet for this reason. But when I need to escape the chaos of the city and clear my head and mind I do a lot of hill/mountain climbing. I love the peace and the quiet, the times where I may only hear a distant sheep on the wind. :)

    • Rafael Afghaen Draemwaever
      by Rafael Afghaen Draemwaever

      I lived in the acores mountains in northish portugal.  nothing like waking up on an early spring morning with sun, take the shaman drum the dog friends and climb above the misty mountain morning and watch the sun crest the peaks .  boom boom boom and deep fresh beath aaahhh :)  in deed.