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healing love & ending death: love cannot be measured

    ura soul

    the prevailing 'ethos' within human consciousness relating to healing and medicine has in many areas of the planet been designed to deliberately bypass and ignore the nature of true healing. in some cases this has been a consciously made choice, generally it has been an unconscious choice, created without realising the choice was being made; this is possible partially due to the way we structure our energy, partially due to common definitions held onto about what thought and mind are and partially due to an unwillingness to acknowledge and feel true feelings, choosing instead to numb, deny, hide, suppress and bury who we truly are and how we are truly being. this is an ever spiralling path of self destruction and punishment in that treatments that are proposed often are of the very same nature that are bringing the symptoms to begin with at their root.

    the disempowerment of our own soul, of us, is so effective for many of us that even though we know that common practises for dealing with illness are destructive and offer little chance of change and true healing we contine to choose them anyway; still refusing to acknowledge that it is US that can heal through actively CHANGING THE HABITS that we continue to follow even as we walk through the doors of the doctor's office.

    medical teaching has boxed itself tightly into a cage whilst simultaneously often claiming that great advances are being made. the doctors themselves often living with a variety of symptoms of sometimes extreme suffering that is continued to be denied within them; partially because they do not wish to be that way, partially because they do not want to be SEEN to be inneffective at what they do (pride) and partially because they actually do not know what to do and consider that to admit this would somehow limit there effectiveness. in many cases they sub consciously know that the effectiveness is actually a type of placebo effect, but if people really knew this they would lose their 'position of respect' in society and would no longer be 'valued' as they may prefer. this is complex, we are complex beings at this timing in earth evolution. 

    however, simplicity is ever graceful and ever willing to be real and present within us, offering absolute and total solutions to real life illness. the simplicity is unconditional love. simple.

    many people feel they do not know what unconditional love is, many have never even heard the words or considered the idea, yet deep within the core there is the eternal remembrance and possibility of allowance of unconditional love and acceptance; indeed this is the ONLY love. in every case what has been called love that is conditional is not love; it is a twisting of love and where those twists have been allowed ever more judgements have been made about what love is which have twisted perceptions even more... until love is sold on CD covers and breakfast cereal packages as if this is love.

    unconditional love cannot be measured, unconditional love is infinite. this automatically means it is denied by what passes for 'science' at this timing because this science-logic-mind will only accept what can be proved and feelings cannot be proved to this psi-ence-logic-mind. the science consciousness will only end its own delusions and denial when there is sufficient willingness to stop self deception and/or sufficient suffering such that in a 'freak' moment of 'not being our usual self' we stop self denial and actually wake up, if only for one blink of an I.

    it is not until unconditional love is known to be real that there is realisation of how limited we have been and how closed our energy has been to truth; of how we have self sabotaged ourselves in thousands of ways to serve goals which now are recognised to be traumas projected as medals and great honours... such is the delusion of conditional and non love.

    within unconditional love is the innerstanding that death is not innevitable. in your deepest self you know this is true and have hidden it away for a rainy day.. now is that rainy day. the rain is the tears of billions of mothers, fathers, children, brothers, friends and children; present and seeming to be no longer with us.. and the tears in the hearts of us all that go ignored day after day for a thousand created false reasons and excuses to maintain a hundred thousand denials and falsehoods.

    the seeming inevitability of death has had us structuring our beliefs, choices, 'lives' and flow our energy in such a way that we attempt to avoid our feelings of rage at this, and even avoid the awareness that says death is not innevitable. this has been claimed internally to be reassuring and goes along with the me-assuring and measuring of scientific 'reason' and intelligence that has been so fashionable here. there are those that view life as a butcher views a carcass; with no feeling, no care and only hatred veiled in claims of superority. these are often the people who elect themselves into government and other organisations, while claiming that the people chose them.. the truth is more often closer to being that the people prefer that these roles do not exist at all and are repulsed by the vibration of the position entirely.

    i ask you to remember who you are and cease being a who-man, one who does not know and has forgotten who we are; i ask that you do this for your own wellbeing that all may live in joy and the dark days of denial and competition may end swiftly to be replaced with the true divine and magic life energy that is your birth right and truly natural way of being. 

    with love that cannot be measured and as love that is not needing to be measuring.. from heart, mind and soul. 1