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the way to heal addiction and create real change requires emotional movement

    ura soul
    the way to heal addiction and create real change requires emotional movement

    The more emotionally 'stuck' we are in life, the more chance there is that we will accept lower and lower quality experiences as attempts to increase our happiness. This is ultimately why 'homeless' people will often become addicted to extremely low quality drugs and alcohol as an attempted way to temporarily blot out their pain, suffering and unhappiness. While the individuals may know that they prefer to not use the compounds and know that they ultimately do not help them, they are also aware that they do not know how to change their painful circumstances and so make a major compromise in their life choices that does not serve them. This does not just apply to 'homeless' people, but to all people in different ways. For example, someone at the other end of the financial spectrum, a 'billionaire', might also be emotionally stuck and choose to use relative high 'quality' drugs such as organic champagne and the highest purity cocaine - *yet these too are a form of similar compromise to the one being made by the 'homeless' person*. The drugs (even the high quality ones) are a significantly poorer choice than the very best choice which is to heal the emotions at the causal level and simply feel consistently better as a result. indeed, alcohol and cocaine specifically numb the senses and prevent true feelings being felt, so are in fact partially causal in the dysfunctional state of being emotionally stuck.

    Compromise kills

    This pattern applies equally in many other forms in life, not just situations of drug use/abuse. It is common for individuals to choose a partner (sexual, business or otherwise) or many other aspects of their life based on compromise and 'convenience' instead of true needs and balance. these forms of compromise are also rooted in emotional 'stuckness' and stagnation since it is felt that there is no better alternative in that moment than to quickly attempt to 'plug a hole' in the emotional body of the soul/being involved that, in truth, can only be correctly filled/healed through internal emotional processing that uncovers the origins of their pain and causes internal evolution/healing to take place. This absence of understanding and failure to correctly meet the internal imbalance with the correct response will only open the individual up to further unnecessary challenges and potential for further confusion, misunderstanding and suffering.

    Emotions need to move for deep changes to be reliably made

    As all-ways, the so(u)lution is to stop making the decisions that fail to resolve real problems and which commonly involve causing addictions, psychological projection, blame/victim cycles, rage/fear cycles and other dysfunctions and to instead be open to safe emotional expression that uses movement and sound to get the emotional body jump started into movement. Once the emotional body is moving, thoughts can change more easily and old habits will drop away.

    Only through this form of heart process can we effect the needed change in the deepest ways and in ways that result in healthy, lasting change, increases in wisdom and the needed peaceful outcomes.

    If you are interested to learn more about how to heal your own emotions internally, I recommend making a start by reading the ongoing [heart healing series I have on Steemit - Part 1 is here](https://steemit.com/life/@ura-soul/heart-healing-series-1-a-guided-healing-meditation-from-the-heart-3).