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new feature: anyone can now create and run their own zones at ureka!

    ura soul

    the list of zones at ureka has been intentionally short to keep a focus on specific topics, however, now that the bulk of the technical tasks are totally or partially complete, i am giving more priority to expanding the site and that means allowing anyone to create their own zones.

    in case you are unaware, zones at ureka function like 'groups' on facebook and 'communities' on Google+, in that they provide a space for sharing and communicating on specific topics with a minimal amount of setup and no technical skills required. i will be writing a full page on this topic and sending a site-wide email notification soon - however, you can start your own zone right away... just go to the main 'zones' page and click 'create new zone' to get started. alternatively, there is also a button in the main site navigation for the same purpose in the zone section.

    to create zone you need to name it, provide a description, a photo/image and also configure the other options, such as it's privacy level and which forms of content that you, as admin, will allow within the zone. once you save your new zone it will be reviewed by the site admin and then either accepted or rejected, depending primarily on whether or not the intention of the zone violates the terms of agreement of ureka.org.