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children's dolls and the roots of psychopathy and heartlessness

    ura soul
    children's dolls and the roots of psychopathy and heartlessness

    as a child i was given a variety of 'toy dolls' to play with. since i was male, i was given 'action man' - the all-round killing machine with no genitals and no emotions. the females that were living near me were given 'barbie' or 'cindy' dolls - the equally emotion-less clothes horse with disfigured body proportions and no genitals.

    programmed for confusion

    in parallel to receiving these 'toys' we were informed that 'being naked in public is a crime (offense)' and 'don't touch yourself there, you're being 'dirty'. so we were being ritually assaulted to mentally conceive that parts of us are so 'bad' and 'wrong' (just for existing) that we will be punished - even for admitting that they exist.

    so while we were forced to wear clothing constantly and extreme steps were (are) taken to prevent children of different genders seeing each other naked - the versions of the body that we and our minds were given access to (via toys and images in cartoons) were artificial, inaccurate and non-responsive. so these are the images that the minds of many children are being impressed with: namely, the idea that other people's naked bodies can be freely manipulated by us and our mind (when we have bought, paid for and control the body), that these will-less bodies do not respond when we control them and that our own bodies are bad/wrong.

    is it any wonder there are so many 'sex offenders' on our planet?

    once ideas are 'implanted' in the mind, they may then semi-consciously effect the thought processes and behaviors - causing the semi-conscious emotions that are associated with the thoughts to continue to influence our future interactions in life. with the correct intentions and through learning as we attract new experiences we can heal these issues, yet the majority of us have yet to even notice that these are real injuries and we go on to create new children and then repeat the process of implanting the same patterns in them!

    many of us would cringe when meeting or learning about psychopaths and rapists that deny the will and feelings of their victims, yet the majority still totally ignore that they themselves are involved with the same type of denial patterns that are seen in their most extreme incarnations through rapists and murderers. we may not recall ever deliberately choosing to be heartless and to avoid true touch sensation and emotions, so how could we be responsible? the answer is multi-dimensional and needs to be explored internally within us to be fully comprehended. however, one of the keys to real-eyes is that our minds are commonly disconnected from the emotional and felt experiences in our body and so too is our mind disconnected from many of our memories and beliefs that we experienced/created during our early evolution. thus we are commonly 'following programming' and we are unaware of doing so. while this may be obvious to others who observe us, we are disconnected from the full truth of what is occurring in the whole of our own being and thus we are unaware of exactly what we are truly doing and choosing in each moment.

    this filtering of reality often starts within our heart and is a filtering of our desires and feelings, such that we eliminate the desires and feelings that we are told are 'bad' and amplify artificially the ones that we deem to be 'good'. often the ones we identify as 'good' are the ones which we think will result in us being JUDGED as 'good' by the parents and other adults around us. we often force ourselves to skew our desires artificially in this way so that these adults will stop pressuring, controlling and punishing us. so our own heart is damaged (our heart is no longer effective at keeping us emotionally balanced) as a way of attempting to avoid the heartlessness of adults around us and yet this approach only succeeds in limiting our own experience and emotional expression. the result here is commonly that we are only more likely to repeat the mistakes of these adults when we too are an adult.

    the soulution here has simple aspects and more complex aspects

    in the simple sense, we need to place massively more focus on our emotions and give full acceptance to emotional expression, while removing judgment of our feelings (especially removing judgements that the feelings are good, bad, right or wrong). we need to consciously end our denials and notice what we have been blocking from our consciousness, including the many feelings that have built up within us and which we have been controlling with our mind. controlling feelings causes injuries, not just emotionally but eventually physically too. (you can read through some of the other thoughts i have uploaded to ureka.org to learn more on these topics and the books at www.rightuseofwill.com are highly recommended.)

    so now, when we look at the 'action man' and 'barbie' toy patterns, what can be learned?

    the male energy is being projected as a warring killer and the female is projected as a vapid, emotionless 'thing that is nice to look at': both feel unloving, empty and false. since they are constructed from petrochemical processes (plastics) which is ultimately a material whose origin is 'the death of very old creatures', they are entirely unmoving to a living soul. some of our own injury patterns are reflected within the forms of the dolls and so we can actually learn some of what is needed to be learned to heal us from studying the dolls.

    we all need to learn to allow our truly felt responses to move and express - in place of being robotic, empty copies of a fake idea of perfection that ends with unmoving, emotionless mannikins that are designed to be manipulated by others. in case you hadn't noticed, this template of heartless existence is exactly the template of a human slave and is exactly the description of the people that have survived the various trauma based, mind-control programs that have been run by the corporate governments in america and elsewhere (see: mkultra). in fact, mannikins are a common theme in the trauma based, mind-control programs, according to those that have exposed them. so next time you are in a supermarket or watching city commuters in their way into banks or watching soldiers marching - my advice is to think back to these toys and realise the massive extent of the emotional denial that is occurring and how most/all of the horrors of the world connect back to this.

    our real, healthy state is wild and free - yet even the wild animals are being caged and killed to hide this wildness and if we do not allow our true and wild nature to be rekindled and accepted, there will be nothing much left of us but robotic slaves and psychopaths.