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if you feed a broken system, you will never find balance and true success

    ura soul
    if you feed a broken system, you will never find balance and true success

    for several years i have consciously been choosing to use zero or as little money as possible. since the majority of other people on this planet continue to use money, this has been quite challenging and i have not totally succeeded in living totally without any money. i grew organic food, some of which died due to lack of sunshine here and since the elements of the earth continue to be commercialised, there is a continual challenge to interact with ones who are erroneously convinced that they have more 'right' to the earth then other people do.

    in case you are unaware of the depths of the corruption of the financial systems of this planet at this timing, i recommend to watch the videos that can be found on the debt / money katalist. ultimately the entire foundation of finance / money is based on fraudulent 'accounting' and thus 'money' has become little more than a slavery system, where those who 'trust' the system and use it - while having little money themselves - are used and abused daily. meanwhile, those who design, operate and control the system are essentially free to do whatever they want with unlimited funds (while providing little or no true benefit to the community and planet).

    what i feel i most need to express presently is that some people, when they have heard of how i intend to live and how i do not value money - have commented that i am somehow 'scrounging' from society and others. however, they clearly do not comprehend that to participate in such a corrupt system ultimately EMPOWERS the ones who are keeping the system imbalanced and thus empowers pretty much ALL lack, scarcity and financial imbalance on the planet. the more i use money, the more my energy can be bought and sold and the more those with most of the money can control me, our planet and our collective destiny. who would you rather be guiding the planet's destiny? one who aims for liberation and balance for all? or one who aims for personal empire and overpowering of others with no care for anyone else's feelings? i will always choose the first option.

    the 'few' (that some would call 'the financial elite') can create more money without limitation by doing little more than altering some aspect of the tax systems via their agents placed in infiltrated governments and 'advisory boards', or by moving a 'stock' from one pot to another while using the vast wealth of the planet that they have long since hijacked for themselves to create extensive spy systems that allow them to stay 'on top' of everyone else's movements and thus also finances.

    so, in fact, since the use of money will always empower these dominators in such a corrupted and imbalanced system - it is the ones who sometimes pressure those who seek to break free, by way of blaming and guilting them into conforming to once again 'earn money' who are participating in causing the major problems and imbalances, not the other way around.

    my advice is to not be like the crabs who use their power to actively prevent their partners from escaping an impending death.