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EboLIE Update

    Nana Jovaun Kwame
    EboLIE Update

    The CDC Website Is Keeping Track of the Supposed "Infections and Deaths" From "Ebola" Which as of Today Depicts a Total of About 9000 Total Cases, But Only 5000 "Laboratory Confirmed" Cases, and 4000 Deaths. These Numbers Include All Cases Across All 4 Countries Affected By the "Outbreak", and Over the Entire 8 Months of the "Epidemic".

    That's Averages Out to About 1100 INJECTIONS, I'm Sorry I Mean InFections a Month, and Averages to About 275 Cases Per Month Per Country, and... About 137 Deaths Per Country, Per Month. Not Only Would This Not Be Considered an Epidemic - But In the Most Densely Populated Part of Africa There's NO WAY It Could Be "Ebola" Nor Could It Be Spreading Person-to-Person With Meager Numbers Like That. Do the MATH.

    More People Will Die From Poverty TODAY, Than Have Died From "Ebola" During This Entire "Pandemic".. But Yet No Armies Are Being Sent to Fight "Poverty"...