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EboLIE "Zombies"

    Nana Jovaun Kwame
    EboLIE "Zombies"

    #EboLIE "Zombies" >:|

    In Case You Missed It - The International Business Times Is Officially Reporting That People Are "Raising From the Dead" After Dying of "Ebola" in Liberia. Good Morning America Also Aired a Video Clip of the Very Same Thing. So Before They Put Their "OFFICIAL" Twist on the Story and Have the World Panicking About a "Zombie Apocalypse" - Allow Me to Share What Has Already Been Stated and Predicted Months Ago By People in Liberia Regarding This Very Possibility.

    (International Business Times "Risen From the Dead" Article: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ebola-another-victim-rises-dead-hospitals-face-space-crisis-liberia-1468689)

    I Don't Know How Far They Will Attempt to Take This Story But the Fear Campaign of "Ebola" Alone Seems to Be Failing and I Would Not Be Surprised. IF - And I Do Repeat IF - This "Resurrection" Article is Actually True Then This is Something That Locals Have Been Talking About and Suspecting for Quite Some As You Can See in the Previously Posted "HOAX" Video.  

    (Previous HOAX Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-KhAEbu8wU )

     Reported That: "The "Health Workers" Tell Them to Report Immediately If Someone Shows Any Signs of Sickness - But They Never Come to Treat Sick People. They Only Come When Someone Dies, and When Someone Dies They Come IMMEDIATELY to Take the Body Away. In Most Cases the Family Never Sees the Body Again Even for Burial and This Makes Locals Suspicious. Locals Have Already Been Making Accusations of "Blood Harvesting" Experiments That Take Place At the US BioWarfare Facilities Located (Ironically) In Each of the Countries Affected By an "Outbreak". Locals Have Raised Questions About Whether This "Virus" Is Actually Killing People - Or If It Just Mimics the Appearance of Death Long Enough to Take the Bodies Away and Experiment on Later" - THESE THINGS HAVE ALREADY BEEN PREDICTED BY LOCAL PEOPLE IN LIBERIA.

    (US BioWarfare Facilities In "Outbreak" Zones: http://globalresearchreport.com/2014/10/20/us-bio-warfare-laboratories-in-west-africa-are-the-origins-of-the-ebola-epidemic/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+globalresearchreport+%28Global+Research+Report%29#sthash.KEB8SC14.dpbs)

    Why Blood-Harvesting? Well One Need Look No Further Than the Market. Currently Melanin (the Thing That Gives Pigmentation to the Skin Among Other Inexplicably Valuable Attributes) Is Actually Selling on the Market Currently for $353USD Per Gram. To Give a Comparison, GOLD is Selling at $39.92, and Platinum Sells for $40.65. So While Many Of Us (For Good Reason) Believe That Gold and Platinum and Diamonds Are the Top Selling Commodities - MELANIN Outranks Them Both Times TEN. This Gives an Bit Better Understanding on Why People Are Suspecting Something Quite Foul Here. Especially Considering All the Photos Popping Up of Formerly "White" People Taking Melanin Shots and the Emergence of Several New "Tanning Injections" Like the Popular Melanotan.... So Now We Come Back to the Present Day Report From the International Business Times Citing: " The viral clip from ABC's Good Morning America, shows a corpse moving just as men, wearing protective clothing, wrap his body in plastic in preparation for the crematorium. The crowd in Monrovia cheered and shouted: "He's alive," reported Dr Richard Besser, ABC's chief health and medical editor. The man was taken away by ambulance to hospital but it is not known where as the country's hospitals face a huge space crisis as they deal with the growing number of Ebola victims."

    "If you die from Ebola, they are very quick for you. If you're living and you need help, there's really nowhere to go," said Besser."

    "Last month, two women in their sixties and forties, identified as Dorris Quoi and Ma Kebeh, came back to life in the county of Nimba when they were about to be buried."

    So Again - IF This is True - Already You See These "Resurrected" People Being Called "Corpses" By the News. They Are Not Corpses, They Are People - Normal People Awakening From a Medically Induced "Death" Simulation. As the Locals Suggested That Would Mean That the "Ebola" Injection Being Given to These People Mimics the Signs of "Death" Long Enough for the "Humanitarian Workers" to Remove the Bodies for Immediate "Cremation". Afterwards This Effect Would Wear Off and the Person Would Wake Up, and Be Subject to Whatever Experimentation is at the Core of This Mechanism. This Would Make Sense, Since These Cases Are Now Starting to Occur When Hospitals Are Reporting a "Huge Space Crisis" and Are Not Picking Up Bodies as Rapidly as Before - and They Are Remaining Around Long Enough for the Effects to Wear Off, Waking Up Perfectly Normal. Nothing Magical or Mystical About It. So It Appears That Since the Lie of Ebola is Starting to Fall Apart, It's Time to Kick In Plan B of the Fear Campaign We've All Been Being Conditioned To Lately Via "Resident Evil", "Walking Dead" and Right Around Halloween No Less... Please Do Not Fall For Any of the Upcoming "Ebola Zombies" "Biblical Prophecy" "Don't Get Bitten", "Hell Has Overflowed, It Was Written!" Foolishness Because That is Exactly What They Have Set You Up to Do. Simply Take Some Time to Go Back and Take a Look At/Think About What Ebola "Hoaxers" and the Entire #EboLIE Movement Were Saying All Along and Then Give What Liberian People Have Been Saying - Some Serious Thought. That These Are Normal People Waking Up From a Poison Sleep. They Are Not "Zombies", They Are Not "Demons", They Are the Same Person They Were Before They Fell Sick With "Ebola". Again I Don't Know Where They Will Go Next With This Story - But If They Attempt to Begin Selling Any Type of Contagious Life-Resurrection Phenomenon Just Be Aware of the Actual Situation.

    If You Are Hearing This for the First Time It Probably Sounds Completely Silly. But Just Know Should This Story Come Around, to Think About It LOGICALLY. What Makes More Sense?

    Ebola Zombies? Hell Overflowing? Or a Medically Induced "Death" Simulation After Vaccination?

    It's for Each Individual Person to Decide, But the More Information You Have, the More of an Informed Decision You Can Make.