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HIV/AIDS.... is.... a.... HOAX. Educate Yourself or DIE.

    Nana Jovaun Kwame
    HIV/AIDS.... is.... a.... HOAX. Educate Yourself or DIE.

    HIV/ AIDS is a Hoax. MALNUTRITION and AntiRetroViral Medications Are What Kill You. Once They Have Convinced All the "Undesirables" to Start Taking These AntiRetroViral Drugs, All They Have to Do is Cut the Supply to Kill Them All. They Have Been Doing It In African Countries Left and Right. A Quick Reminder, Pharmaceuticals Comes From the Latin Word, Pharmakeia - Which Means "Sorcery, Witchcraft and Mind Manipulation" PLEASE Educate Yourselves.

    They Tell You That Your Immune System is Under Attack, Your Immune System is SUPPOSED to Be Under Attack Lol That's What It DOES! These Specific Drugs Then Attempt to Take Over the Functions of Your Immune System, Sometimes It Fails and You Die. Sometimes the Drug Successfully Takes Over Your Immune Functions, at Which Point Your Body Stops Its Automatic Immune Responses, and Begins to Depend on the Drug Instead to Function Permanently. This is Why Once You Start Taking The Drugs, You Can Never Stop.

    If You Never Take Them, You Will Never Need Them. Drug Companies Have Scared the FUCK Out of People By Taking Pictures and Videos of People Turning Purple and Wasting Away Who Were Dying From "AZT", the First AIDS Drug. You Have Never Seen a Video of Someone Dying of AIDS Because Its the Most "Ambiguous" Lie of a Disease EVER. Its Gotten So Easy for Them, They Can Tell You You are HIV Positive, and the Next Time You Have a Stomach Ache or Fever, You Will Think Its AIDS and Beg for Meds/Death.

    Tired of Beating Around the Bush on This Issue While People, Friends and Relatives Continue to Die From This Brainwashing. Please Don't Think the Day is Not Coming When the Supplies of These Meds Will Stop and Droves of "Gays and Drug Addicts" Will Start to Die By the Millions. They Will Probably Say Its By the Power of White Jesus, or a Sign of the End Times, Instead of Telling You the Truth Like I Just Tried.

    Just Research For Yourself (I Know Most People Won't But I'm Trying Here..) and See How Many Renowned Scientists Who Have Concluded That the "Virus" Humans Have Been Living With Forever, That Was "Named" HIV in 1980 Is NOT the Cause of the Symptoms Described as "AIDS". Research the Fact That In the United States Nearly 100% of ALL Fruits, Vegetables and Meat Are Genetically Modified or Cloned and Have Absolutely NO Nutritional Value. Research How Malnutrition Leads to Immune Deficiency! Research for Yourself How Effective the "Placebo Effect" is, and How You Can Literally Die Slowly If Someone Truly Makes You BELIEVE You Are Dying Slowly. Stop Listening to the News, They Are Paid to Keep You In a State of Ignorance. Ignorance Isn't Bliss, Ignorance is DEATH. These Drug Companies Depend On Your Ignorance to Survive, Even If You Have to Die.