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Summing It All Up

    Nana Jovaun Kwame
    Summing It All Up

    Summing It All Up...

    Through countless hours of research and introspection I am convinced that:

    (1) We Humans Are the True 'Gods' of the Earth. With the ability to create and determine the reality for all living beings on the planet.

    (2) The US, U.N. and Affiliated World Governments (no matter what party is in office) are leading us swiftly toward Self-fulfilling Self-Written biblical prophecy and desire to lead us into a one world religion and one world government built on the monetary and physical enslavement of all humankind, thus harnessing once and for all the true power of "God".

    (3) There are a small number of wealthy individuals who use $$ to control and influence every aspect of government, media, major events, and significant industry in the US.

    (4) These elite individuals have a specific, meticulously planned, sinister and evil agenda to keep the public in the pursuit of useless goals and the (mostly dead) "American dream" while they work toward a New World Order.

    5)The elite condition us to remain mindless through the entertainment they control. These elite buy our music artists who today are mindless puppets dancing and gyrating strictly for money, power, and fame. The construct requires sacrifice, worship, and recognition at certain levels from these artists in order for the Elite to give them more $, power, control. The most popular include JayZ, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Dr Dre, Kanye West and the likes.

    (6) This elite group's main power lies in deceiving people about where power truly lies.

    (7) These elites include members of the 'church' and there are many on Christian TV with millions of followers who belong to one world religion organizations, are BFF's with one religion leaders, and/or belong to a secret society. Examples include, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, Pat Robertson, Tim Lahaye, Paul Crouch.

    (8)The elite may use these false prophets in order to develop a strong 'Christian' base that will follow them into the one world religion.

    (9) This elite own many of the "new" bibles which contain New Age terms, condone genocide, racism, rape, division, war etc. They have changed the text in the name of "modernization" but research shows otherwise. These bibles may be later used (alongside the false prophets) by the one world religion supporters to recruit the world's Christian population into the fold.

    (10) If any of these souled out politicians or artists leave, go against, or embarrass the elite, the elite use the media to discredit them and label them crazy; the government to indict/jail them; black list them to take their fame/fortune away;and/or murder them

    (11)the general population of the US, including many 'Christians', are ignorant to most of this.

    ~Open Your Eyes~ The Truth Will Set You Free