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Libya's Great Manmade River is Under Attack (2011)

    Nana Jovaun Kwame
    Libya's Great Manmade River is Under Attack (2011)

    Anyone who does any research will know that Libya's Great ManMade River Project was going to take off this year. While searching for Oil in the Libyan Desert in the 80's Libyans discovered the largest fresh water reserve on the planet. Larger than the great lakes.

    They have spent the last 30 years building a system of pipes called the Great ManMade... River that run through 4000 KILOMETERS of DESERT to bring water to Libya and neighboring countries, with the capacity to produce enough food for all of Africa. AGAIN, and They Were Just Finishing It.

    Free-Thinking people can see how the concept of an independent Africa causes a threat to our "national security" in that Africans who can feed and clothe themselves don't need to mine Africa for Diamonds, Gold, Oil, Cotton, Etc and GIVE it to the US in exchange for AID and Bags of Rice.... Also a race of Africans who aren't suffering from extreme famine and drought could eventually fight off it's invaders and solidify its resources within. WE NEED THEM TO STAY POOR AND HUNGRY, MODERNIZED ENSLAVEMENT

    Libya therefore, DOES jeaporadize US "national security". And That is Why We Are Bombing Them Right Now. People just need to look into just what US NATIONAL SECURITY MEANS! It's definitely sad, because such a project could positively transform the face of Africa, and by effect, the world.