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Water Will Be the New Gold

    Nana Jovaun Kwame
    Water Will Be the New Gold

    The Bush Family Purchased Thousands of Acres of Land WorldWide With Water Reserves On Them. Pepsi/Dasani Are Actually Negotiating to Buy the Great Lakes for Exclusive Rights to Bottle Their Water...

    No One is Building Desalination Plants Anymore, and the Two That Were Operational Have Been Made Useless Due to the Oil Spill In the Gulf Coast and the Nuclear Spill In Japan. Libya's Water Has Just Been Usurped From Africa Via Our "Military Intervention" in their Country...

    The Water Crisis is Going to Hit SOOON... It Will Be Their Most Desperate Plot Ever to Control the People By Controlling the One Thing No Person Can Live Without. They Are More Than 80% Of the Way There...

    Watch This Movie Called "Blue Gold"... It Came Out Before We Ever Even Went to Libya.. But It Explains How the Earth's Water Has Been Systematically Consolidated and Is Almost Ready to Be Made Into a Monopoly... After That, Only the Rich Will Be Able to Afford Water, and Only Those Willing to Submit to and Work For the Corporations Will Be Provided Water....

    The Time of Slavery Past, Is Nothing Compared to the Slavery of Present... and the Slavery of Present Will Be Heaven Compared to the Slavery of the Future IF WE DON'T WAKE UP....