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"Made in the Image?"

    Nana Jovaun Kwame
    "Made in the Image?"

    I Believe We Were Created and We Did Not Evolve From Apes or Create Ourselves So There is Certainly a GOD In That Sense. But I Don't Believe That to Be a Humanoid God, Much Less a HE, and Much Less a White Man Sitting on a Cloud Sending People to "Hell". To Me THAT Creator God is the Universe/Multiverse. Be That Either As a Source of Infinite Energy... That We All Come From, Ever Expanding and Creating; OR Be It Literally That What Our Tiny 10% Brain Perspective Sees as Planets, Stars, and Space as We Know It Are Simply the Cells, Neurons and Plasma of a HUGE and Magnificent Organism (GOD) That We Are All a Part of Whether We Like It or Not- Either Explanation Works for Me.

    Although We Do Have an Overall Creator GOD We Have Dominion/RESPONSIBILITY Of Earth. We Are the Gods of This Planet Earth, (For Christians Before You Kill Me Read Psalms 82:1-8) But That Doesn't Mean the "Top of the Food Chain", Kill, Eat and Enslave Every Other Creature. We Have a Purpose, On This Earth, on the Planet Where We Were Created; Just as Earth Has It's Purpose In the Universe, in the Galaxy Where It Was Created, Even If That Purpose Is as Simple and Humble as Just to Hold the Other Planets in Place.

    I Believe That Our Humble Godly Purpose (as Creator Gods) is to Maintain the Earth (Part of Our Creator God), So That It Can Maintain This Galaxy (Part of Our Creator God), and So Forth Throughout Every Other Aspect of the Universe/Multiverse (Our Creator GOD) That Holds Everything In It's Perfect Balance. We Can NOT Fulfill This Purpose and Work Together Without Love for Our Fellow Man Which Is Why LOVE is the Only True Law. If We Work Against That Purpose We Can Also Choose to Use Our Godly Destructive Power to Destroy Earth and By Effect, Everything Around It. And There is No One, NO ONE, Coming to "Save Us" From This Choice If That is the Choice We Make to Destroy the Earth. If We Were Not Gods, How Could We Destroy What God Has Made?

    Even Scientists Should Be Able to Get With Me on This One. If the Planets and Stars Are Held in Place Only By the Gravity and Pull of One Another, What Happens to the Galaxy Around Us If Earth and Its Gravity Force is Destroyed? What Happens to the Universe Around Our Galaxy If Our Galaxy Collapses? It Seems Like There's a Lot at Stake Not Just Human Life and Our Purpose Becomes Clear, At Least to Me. That Purpose Is Not to Just Consume This Planet and Aspire to Develop Technology to Travel to and Live on Mars or the Moon. Scientifically That's Not Even Possible Because If Earth is Destroyed What Happens to Mars and the Moon? (See Above)

    We Are the Creators of Reality on Earth. We Have the Power to Create "Heaven" or "Hell", If You Will, on Earth for Every Living Creature Here Based on What We Collectively Decide. With This Great Power Comes Great Responsibility and That's Not Just From SpiderMan Lol. We Are Responsible for What We Create. Right Now We Are Collectively Creating a World of Blindness, Death and Destruction and We Are Collectively Responsible. It's All About Being AWARE, Because Only Then Can We Use Our Creative and Godly Powers to Use as a Collective as We Once Did Prior to This Era of Kings and Slaves.

    There Are a Few People Who Know That Truth, and They Are Manipulating Our Creative Powers Through Their Channels (False Gods) to Build THEIR World While Keeping Us From Knowing What We Are. They Spend Trillions of Dollars to Lie to Us Every Year, Because They Have To. The Truth Really Would Set Us Free. That's What I Believe. Life is a Lot More Simple Than We Have Been Led to Believe.

    BTW If You're Scientific, We Don't Automatically Have to Disagree. A Lot of This Can Also Be Viewed as a More Detailed Version of the Theory That Everything Big is Just a BIG Version of Something Small... I've Always Found That Theory Fascinating Anyway...